This Week's Full Moon Is Going To Bring You Major Positive Vibes

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News/Getty Images

For the second time in March 2018, a full moon will arise. On Mar. 31 at 8:37 a.m. EST, we will all welcome the second blue moon of 2018 into the sky — a blue mon that's technically called a pink moon, or a sap moon, or a fish moon, even though it's neither blue nor pink nor sappy or fishy at all. I know, it's confusing. So, before I jump into these March full pink moon astrology predictions, I'll break down this lunar event so that you can lower your shoulders from that epic shrug you are currently sporting.

When two full moons fall within one calendar month, the latter is dubbed a blue moon. Not for its color, however, but instead for its rare presence. As for why it's called a pink moon, this name dates back to Native American tradition: The moon that rises during this time period was called the "pink moon" because it always appeared during the time that phlox flowers bloom — a pink wildflower that welcome springtime. While it typically occurs in April, this year it falls during March.

The pink moon is also a pillar for Easter and Passover. Easter always happens the first Sunday after the first full moon of the spring equinox, and Passover comes the following Sunday. This moon signifies quite a bit, so if you're into astrology you might know to expect to feel some changes as we approach the full moon.

Now that we've got all of the history and associations untangled, let's get you ready for the astronomical event — a full moon that's under the direct influence of both Aries and Libra. I've broken down what each sign can expect to experience during the pink full moon.


You've been unsure about a few different relationships in your life, both professional and romantic — Mercury is retrograding in your sign, after all! — and that lack of clarity has been making you feel stuck. This weekend, the pink moon will illuminate what you've been confused about, so you'll be able to push things into gear and identify how you really feel.


Everything is perfectly aligned for you to have a perfectly balanced weekend — a mix of self-care and meaningful interactions with others — so take full advantage of it! You'll be tempted to stress about work, but keep your computer closed and follow your instincts, a dynamic non-working weekend is going to be incredibly beneficial to you right now.


You have a lot of pent-up energy, and this weekend you're going to put it to good use. Hang out with friends, make plans with people you've lost touch with, and say yes to dates with people you're curious about — you're going to cram a lot of fun under the pink moon.


You've been feeling anxious lately, and you haven't been dealing with it. So this weekend under the pink moon, you're going to have to confront it. Sign up for a yoga class to help ease your mind and do some journal writing so you're not too started when you face yourself. You deserve some personal attention, treat yourself well.


If you have the urge to go out and socialize this weekend, follow your gut. Under the pink moon, you'll be able to show off and attract people who will just get you. You're in a great position to make new friends and meet new lovers this weekend — just keep being yourself.


You've made some wise investment decisions over the last few months and that will become apparent under the pink moon. Your pinching and saving will pay off, and you'll realize you're more prepared for new expenses than you realized. You'll also realize you can afford to go shopping this weekend.


The full moon is going to turn up the heat on all of the things you've got cooking on the stove right now. Expect everything needing your attention to bubble over, and try to get on top of your workload before the weekend so that come Sunday, you can manage the attention people are going want from you.


You might have been on the fence about things in the romantic department for the last month, but this weekend, things are going to become a little bit more clear. Don't take anyone that you date for granted — you never know when things will click for you. You might need to be friends with someone for a while before you realize just how perfect they are for you.


You've been tearing through the last month, burning the candle at both ends, and it's been working OK, but you're going to hit a wall. Under the pink moon you're going to feel the need to refocus and chill out. Pick the people you surround yourself with wisely, you are the company you keep, and you need balance.


Whatever you've been trying to be successful at over the last month — whether it's a project at work, a relationship, or a personal goal — it's going to pay off under the pink moon. Expect your efforts to be realized and for you to start off the following week on a new level. You deserve it, so be proud of yourself, but keep the momentum going.


If there's someone in your life who you've been wondering about in a romantic way, things will become more clear under the pink moon. An increase in desire will tip the relationship one way or the other, so prepare yourself to confront it.


You're going to get a serious case of wanderlust under the pink moon, so to avoid making an irrational purchase on Sunday night, start taking a look at airfare prices and travel deals, now. There is a way for you to do some traveling without wiping out your bank account, be smart about it and you'll go far, literally.