March 2018 Mercury Retrograde Astrology Predictions That Will Help You Prepare

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The time is upon us. I'm not totally looking forward to it either but I can't stop the planets from spinning any which way they decide to turn. And so, Mercury will once again turn retrograde. Thankfully we have the March 2018 Mercury retrograde astrology predictions to get you through this ~phase~ Mercury insists on going through again and again and ... again. The good news is, from this time of retrograde in which we fumble over our words, experience delays in transportation and are seemingly unable to fully express our true feelings coherently, we are allotted time to reflect.

Susan Miller of Astrology Zone wrote about the transit. "Once you begin to pay attention to how events in your life change during these phases, you will soon see how important it is to take note of them. Keeping track of Mercury retrograde periods can allow you to increase your productivity and avoid at least some of the frustration they can bring about," she said. Mercury will turn retrograde three times in 2018 — and one of those turns is right around the corner. From Mar. 22 to Apr. 15 we'll have to pay extra attention to what we say — or what we post online — and be conscious of the details.

Don't worry, you've survived 100 percent of the Mercury in retrogrades before this so no matter the prediction, or predicaments, you'll exit this transit a little wiser.



Guess what? Mercury is turning retrograde in your sign. This probably means you'll have a lot going on in the later part of March. Use your words wisely, fiery Aries. Cafe Astrology predicts, "it will be particularly important to watch for coming across a little too brusquely in the latter part of the month. It won't hurt to be a bit more thoughtful than usual when communicating in business, public, or professional settings since you can make a loud impression with your ruler, Mars, in such a visible position in your chart." Putting more thoughts into your communication style will help you avoid having people misunderstand what you're saying or where you're coming from. Which can save everyone a headache and ultimately backtracking.



Sometimes all Mercury in retrograde means is taking a look back in your rearview mirror to see what's worth turning around for. There may have been projects you've left behind and there could be gold there if you return to it now. Cafe Astrology suggests for Taurus, "Mercury's retrograde in Aries begins on Mar. 22 and points to a need to review, reflect, and perhaps redo or return to old projects and ideas. There are lessons and possibly a few gems involved with this apparent backtracking." Take time to reflect and write down what revelations you come to for a stronger future ahead!



Ah, yes, when Mercury, your ruling planet, goes retrograde you often ~feel~ it. AstroStyle gives a clue on what to expect including, "disrupt[ed] communication, technology and travel plans. If you're planning a big launch, you might want to use this cycle for testing and tweaking, then unleash your viral creations in the second half of April." Pay attention to the detail before throwing your passion project in the spotlight during this retrograde.



Have you written down your goals for the next six months lately? This retrograde season might not be a bad time to put pen to paper for the sake of your future. Cafe Astrology says this retrograde you'll see, "the need to rethink goals. You may need to backtrack over work that you thought had been completed. This eventually works to your advantage, as you'll be better prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way, knowing what it is you want." Looks like, in its own way, Mercury is working with you.



When it comes to social media, you typically feel free to post your truest feelings. But sometimes a double thought is necessary. This is the case for this bout of Mercury in retrograde. AstroStyle advises, "With chatterbox Mercury in your outspoken ninth house, be extra careful about what you post and share. Bluntness will go over like a lead balloon. While your colorful stories usually entertain, you could shock and alienate people now. When in doubt, don't say it!" Better safe than having to tweet you're sorry.



This retrograde affects matters relating to ~intimacy~. Cafe Astrology says, "Mercury turns retrograde in your intimacy sector on Mar. 22, pointing to further complications with money, sharing, intimacy, and dependencies. This can be a time for reassessments or waiting for answers on financial and relationship fronts, but it can also give you the opportunity in the form of a blessing in disguise to better pace yourself." Key words to always remember: blessing in disguise.



Hold on before singing your autograph on any official documents, Libra. AstroStyle offers sage advice, "Prepare for some crossed wires in an important relationship or possible breakdowns around a business negotiation. Most astrologers advise against signing contracts during a Mercury retrograde phase, and this applies doubly for you because of its placement." Now is the time to give a good look into the details before jumping to the signature page.



Sometimes Mercury in retrograde is all about the waiting game. Cafe Astrology says, "suggesting some need to backtrack, reassess projects or launch dates, and redo or rework specific tasks. Some of you could be waiting for test results or final word on a matter during this stage." If there are things to edit, do so now. Otherwise, it's just going to be a little bit of a wait before moving forward.



Things feeling a bit tense in a romantic relationship? AstroStyle says about Mercury in retrograde, "This could bring complications and disruptive drama, possibly fueled by an ex or misunderstandings in your love life. Be careful what you put in writing or send via text, as data can be misinterpreted—or re-routed—leading to an embarrassing snafu. Take some deep, cleansing breaths before you pop off with a knee-jerk response or clap back to a troll on social media." Take some breaths and shake it off. There's a lot more to look forward to in the coming months of spring.



Pay attention to the home for this transit of Mercury's retrograde. AstroStyle says, "There could be miscommunications and fighting at Chateau Capricorn, so take extra precautions to ease the tension, even if an air-clearing fight has to erupt. If you're thinking of investing in new appliances or home electronics, research them thoroughly before you buy." Careful with your words.



OK, Aquarius. It looks like you're gliding through this retrograde unscathed. Cafe Astrology predicts, "While a retrograde Mercury from the 22nd may lead to some misunderstandings, you're nevertheless expressing yourself with wonderful flair. If you focus on slowing yourself down, this can be an advantageous period. You may be turning to past projects and interests rather than embarking on all-new endeavors, but there is a lot of good energy with you for personal enjoyment." Take advantage of all the benefits available to you!



You might want to wait three weeks before making a leap into new endeavors. Cafe Astrology says, "Mercury is retrograde in your finances sector from the 22nd forward, so major new beginnings may not be the best idea right now. However, it's a good time for going after what you want." But use this time to really think about what you've been aiming to go after and continue the hustle!