Hilarious & True Mardi Gras Memes

Anyone who has experienced a New Orleans-style Mardi Gras knows that it can get pretty intense pretty quickly. Fortunately, these Mardi Gras memes will make you laugh as much as they'll provide you with some useful tips for making it through the celebration. How so, you ask?

From how to survive all the booze (for those who are over 21, of course) to keeping your embarrassing stories under lock and key, there are all sorts of sage nuggets to be found amongst these hilarious memes. A couple of them even touch on the options you have when catching Mardi Gras beads. Now, whether or not you actually plan on freeing the nipple this Mardi Gras is up to you (more power to you whether you do or don't!), but regardless of your decision, you're bound to have a laugh at what these memes have to say about it.

Mardi Gras only comes once a year, so make the most of it! If you're headed to New Orleans for the holiday, get into the spirit. If you're stuck at home or work this Tuesday, Feb. 28, no worries, because these funny Mardi Gras memes will raise your spirits. Have a laugh this Fat Tuesday, and do it with the help of this meme roundup below.

I'd call that an accomplishment.

It's got the same rules as Las Vegas.

Because you can't go to New Orleans and not indulge in some crawfish.

Grumpy Cat has to be the only person (well, cat) to feel this way.

Stock up on the beads!

Sounds about right.

Don't we all?


Free the nipple!

I don't believe you.


Except for this. This is too cute.

It's the price you have to pay.