This Video Of Margot Robbie’s Brother Surprising Her Is So Hard To Stop Watching

James D. Morgan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There are a lot of cute celebrity brothers and sisters, but this pair might become your new favorite. While doing press for Peter Rabbit in Sydney, Australia on March 16, Margot Robbie's brother surprised her. According to BuzzFeed, Cameron Robbie works for MTV Australia reporting entertainment news and his sister had no idea he would be interviewing her. The I, Tonya star's reaction upon seeing her younger brother walk into the room is seriously the sweetest thing ever.

As seen in the video, which is now making its way around the internet courtesy of MTV Australia tweeting it Monday, Margot and her Peter Rabbit co-star Elizabeth Debicki are simply chatting while waiting for the next interviewer. Then, Cameron walks in and Margot loses it.

"Oh, my God!" she exclaims."What are you doing?! What are you doing?! Shut up! What is going on right now?!" Yes, she was very excited — and shocked.

Cameron, who by the way is hilarious and seems like he has a fantastic sense of humor, totally shut down his sister by saying, "Excuse me, can you calm down? We're in an interview." He then stood up and introduced himself to Debicki (she couldn't get over the family resemblance), before sitting back down and hazing his sister. "Excuse me, this is a professional situation. Can you just calm down?" he said.

Their banter is typical of siblings who are close. They clearly have a strong bond and love joking around with each other. For example, Cameron brought up the pranks in Peter Rabbit, but Margot was hesitant to discuss them. She said to him, "I feel like you have ammunition if we're on the topic of pranks and I'm scared."

He didn't stop there and compared her character Flopsy's so-called dimwittedness to Margot. "It's funny, in the film I noticed a lot of real life correlations between the character Flopsy," he joked. "She seems quite, you know, airy and dimwitted." He added, "Do you think that was an intentional casting choice?"

"Does she? Is that how you read it?" Margot questioned Cameron. "It's funny that's what you took from it. I thought she was maybe insecure and felt unheard perhaps amongst her siblings. No? Didn't come across that way?"

Before the interview even started, Margot looked like she was going to cry. At one point, her eyes even got glossy. She was so proud of Cameron. "This is so crazy," she said, before adding, "You're an interviewer on MTV."

They have an extremely supportive relationship. As you can see below, Cameron shared an Instagram in January praising Margot for her Oscar nomination for her lead role as Tonya Harding. He captioned it: "There’s nothing I could say that articulates how proud I am of this one #whatamoment #academyawardnominee".

They have a magical relationship. Just take a look at the photo they took on Christmas:

In addition to Cameron, Margot has two other siblings: an older brother, Lachlan Robbie, and a younger sister, Anya Robbie. And it sounds like growing up with them was pure entertainment.

Margot spoke about her siblings with Whimn in March and revealed they had quite the birthday tradition. "In our family when it was someone’s birthday we would all fight because one person got to blow out the candles on the cake," she explained. "So we would sing happy birthday and blow out the candles and then they would get re-lit and the next person would blow out the candles and we had to do this four times for each of the siblings and by the time you’re done the cake’s covered in spit."

The Goodbye Christopher Robin actor also opened up to Whimn about their sibling rivalry. "The cause of the biggest fight amongst my siblings was who got to sit in the front seat," she confessed. "That was insane."

Well, what isn't insane is the relationship she shares with Cameron. They're beyond adorable, are so funny, and seem to cherish each other deeply. They are the epitome of sibling goals.