Mariah Carey Had A Hilarious Response To Confusing One Direction With The Chainsmokers

Matthew Simmons/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Chainsmokers and One Direction have almost nothing in common, other than the fact that they're both musical groups. But to Mariah Carey, the two acts are one and the same. Mariah Carey confused The Chainsmokers with One Direction, the duo revealed. And she made a great joke about it when she realized her mistake.

Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, the two men who make up The Chainsmokers, shared the story about meeting Carey during an interview on SiriusXM's The Morning Mash Up this week.

"We met Mariah Carey this one time," Pall said on the show. "I remember seeing her, and I was like, oh my God, 'Fantasy' and 'Honey.'" So far, so good — until Carey tried to return the compliment.

"She was like, 'Dude, I love you guys.' And we were like, 'What? Wow, you know who we are?'" Pall said on the radio show. "She was like, 'One Direction, right?'"

The mix-up is funnier when you consider how different the two groups are. For one thing, One Direction had five (and later four) members, while The Chainsmokers are a duo. Taggart and Pall are also 29 and 33 years old, respectively, and the One Direction members' ages range from 25 to 27. (And, of course, none of the groups' members look anything alike.)

The Morning Mash Up's Twitter account shared a clip of the Chainsmokers' interview, and it looks like it made its way to Carey herself. She retweeted the video on Thursday, adding a message of her own. "@TheChainsmokers of course I know you!! I love your song 'that's what makes you beautiful'!," Carey tweeted, along with the laughing and kissy-face emoji. It looks like she definitely knows who the duo is now — and that "What Makes You Beautiful" is decidedly not one of The Chainsmokers' songs.

The Chainsmokers then retweeted Carey's message, joking that they were "framing this tweet." I mean, it is pretty legendary.

Carey isn't afraid to poke fun at herself over the mishap with The Chainsmokers. But it's far from the first time the legendary singer has been unaware of who her fellow musicians are. Carey's infamous "I don't know her" statement about Jennifer Lopez, which she said in the early 2000s, lives on as a meme.

Carey has also claimed not to know Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato over the years. And she reportedly had a feud with Nicki Minaj when they were both American Idol judges in 2012. Vogue once even dubbed Carey as the "Queen of Shade," referring to several other celeb encounters the legendary singer has had over the years.

And even though The Chainsmokers may not have been on Carey's radar previously, it sounds like they might be now and perhaps she'll give a listen to their hit songs "Closer" or "Something Just Like This." You never know.

Both Carey and The Chainsmokers have addressed the situation, and it sounds like all three artists have gotten a good laugh out of it.