Mark's Cards Return In The 'Love Actually' Sequel, But It's Not As Weird As You Think

Sarah Lee/Comic Relief

You know, I didn't immediately put together that Andrew Lincoln's appearance in the Red Nose Day Love Actually sequel would give Chris Hardwick enough Walking Dead joke material for days — and the reunion special was almost one step ahead of the Talking host. Not only do Mark's cards for Juliet return in the Love Actually sequel but the actor's current post-apocalyptic look was definitely a point of interest.

Thirteen years later, Mark is still writing messages on cards to Juliet, but their relationship is in a much healthier place. I'd like to think that the whole cards thing is something of an inside joke that they have now. Maybe? They could laugh about that weird romantic gesture now, and recreate it for fun. I also like that Peter is still annoyed by people ringing the doorbell. If only he knew...

It ultimately doesn't matter, because Mark and Juliet's segment of the reunion special had more of a meta element to it than other scenes. They were self-aware, mostly just the two of them lightly catching up, talking about revisiting the past on Red Nose Day, and disliking Mark's beard. The messages were more about introducing the concept of the sequel than the actual story of these three characters.

Well, that's not entirely true. There was one plot development of significance. Mark's married to Kate Moss now — just like he promised! Good for him. She had a hand-written message for Juliet too, and isn't a huge fan of Lincoln's beard either.

Nick Briggs/Comic Relief)

All in all, it's nice to know that they're happy. Right?