Marmalade Nails Makes Reusable Press-On Nails That Will Make You Abandon The Salon

If you love getting nail art but don't like the price tag or how long it takes, then there is a solution for you and it comes in the form of Marmalade Nails, a press-on nail art brand. The concept came about when Sunja Mitchell, the founder, spent three hundred dollars and endured three hours of butt pain to get her nails done at a salon one day, but being a women of modest means in her twenties, she couldn't keep that habit up. That's when she noticed that her two teenage sisters wore press-on nails, and if she only found some with interesting and trendy designs, she would be able to solve her problem.

But no company like that existed, and noticing a void in the beauty industry that needed to be filled for other fellow manicure lovers on a budget, she decided to fill it herself and create designs she herself would want to wear. Enter Marmalade Nails. "Marmalade nails are the answer to my nail dilemma, and I’d love for you to experience them on your fingers," Mitchell explained on her site. "With Marmalade, you get the unique, stunning designs of custom nail art at the same price (or lower) of your average salon manicure."

The mission of Marmalade Nails is to help you express your style and feel beautiful without breaking the bank, and they have a wide variety of styles that will help you channel the newest nail trends. Each set can be filed to your desired fit with a nail file that comes with the kit, and can easily be reapplied for multiple uses.

Each purchase includes 24 nails of 12 different sizes, and the full kit also comes with nail glue, manicure stick, application guide, and a nail removal tool. Check out some of the picks below.


Marmalade Nails

True to its name, the Peacock nail set has a bold and colorful design that mimics the feathers found on the animal. Featuring shimmery blues, purples, and greens, it will be impossible not to notice your manicure.


Marmalade Nails

This amethyst-inspired set is special because the blue and purple gems give off a halo effect in the light. They're geometric, glittery, and on-trend for this summer's nail art.

Rose Gold

Marmalade Nails

If you want to play around with the rose gold trend, then these metallic press on nails are a fresh way to do that. Since they have a chrome sheen they feel a little more luxurious and memorable. And if you're not one to veer towards pink, then there is also a silver version available.

Ice Queen

Marmalade Nails

If you're looking for something with a little more texture, then the Ice Queen option could be right up your alley. Featuring a pastel halo color, the ring finger has a cluster of gems that give the nail a spike-like effect. If you love nail art that uses three-dimensional details, then this is a more affordable way to do it.

From gem stones, to iridescent effect colors, to geometric shapes, Marmalade Nails has a bevvy of different options for those who want to rock manicures without going broke. Now all you have to do is choose which one to start with.