Martin Freeman & Amanda Abbington Split, So Allow These 'Sherlock' Gifs To Console You

LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

And another celebrity couple bites the dust. The year 2016 just can't help but continue to be the worst, especially when it comes to love, can it? Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington split after 15 years together, he revealed in an interview with the Financial Times shared Thursday. "I’m not with Amanda any more," he said. It appears the decision was a mutual one as the Sherlock star added, "It’s very, very amicable — I’ll always love Amanda."

The two first got together in 2000 and have two children, Grace and Joseph. It was never made clear if the two had ever married, but it's something Freeman touched upon in a December 2015 interview with the Radio Times (via "We might have married already," he teased. "I’m just saying — mind your own business. My job is public, why should my private life be public as well? We live in an age where you have to know everything and that’s tedious. If people make a fuss over me I think, 'Get out more.'"

The breakup news is probably hitting Sherlock fans more so than others, because as they know, both Freeman and Abbington star in the series together. Their characters, John Watson and Mary Morstan, are a couple who even have a child together in Season 4. It's always a bummer when a beloved couple go their separate ways, but if this is what was best for Freeman and Abbington, then they should have fans' support.

If fans just can't wrap their heads around the news, then allow the following gifs of Mary and John from Sherlock to console you.

When Mary Told John Who's Boss


That's right, John.

When John Didn't Need Her Real Name


Their love overcomes all secrets.

When They Finally Got Married



When John Said This


I mean, come on.

When They Bonded Over Sherlock


Who doesn't?

When John Let Mary Be Mary


Despite her secrets, he eventually let it all go.

When Mary Complimented John


They truly are the best.

At least Freeman and Abbington's love is still alive on the show through their characters, right?