Maybelline's 'Makeup Like This' YouTube Series Now Includes Eight Of Your Fave Beauty Influencers

One of the joys of YouTube is watching makeup tutorials, and Maybelline gets it. The brand joined the influencer bandwagon by creating its own show "Makeup Like This" — and it's about to get even better for season three. Now, Maybelline's "Makeup Like This" YouTube series is back with a whole new season starring eight influencers, and it will help provide you with months worth of makeup trends and tips.

During its beginning, the series starred Nikkie Tutorials. During each episode, she and a guest influencer created the latest beauty looks using exclusively Maybelline products.

This season, the brand is switching up the format. Instead of having Nikkie Tutorials hosting, Maybelline is incorporating eight new beauty influencers into the lineup. This brings in a more diverse cast with different personalities and beauty styles.

Debuting on Maybelline’s YouTube channel on April 15, the episodes will air every Monday of the month. The series is 16 episodes long, with eight occasion-focused product tutorials. For example, there will be a festival episode with tips on how to create a memorable concert look, a Pride video with suggestions on how to do your Pride march makeup, and a Halloween tutorial with some spooky holiday tips. But that's not all. There will also be exciting new product reveals, consumer giveaways, and a surprise bonus episode.

Each tutorial will also be accompanied with influencer-produced vlogs, which you will find on the influencer's personal channel. These vlogs will coincide with the theme of the product tutorials, giving you some extra content to learn from.

Each video and vlog theme will reflect the influencer’s lifestyle, giving you a better peek into their personality. This will give a more authentic tutorial, since it coincides with the influencer's tastes and interests.

“We wanted these influencers, who are amazing content creators and visionaries, to be part of this in a bigger way than previous seasons by giving them the opportunity to co-create the series with us,” Amy Whang, U.S. senior vice president of marketing, says in a press release.

The first episode will feature beauty influencer Roxette Arisa, who will be covering festival makeup. Arisa is a makeup artist in Los Angeles, and her channel covers everything from makeup reviews to fashion lookbooks. Seeing how Arisa just dropped a festival fashion lookbook video, she's the perfect influencer to tap in for this topic.

The second episode will feature Gabriel Zamora, who will cover Pride makeup, giving fresh and bold ideas. In the preview video you can see Zamora has two different color smokey eyes, so it's going to be wonderfully extra.

Summer McKeen will handle summer looks, whereas Sasha Morga will offer easy back to school looks you can create with your Maybelline products.

Sona Gasparian will take us out of the pink-tinged and fresh faced looks of summer, and introduce viewers to fall makeup. Get ready for those cranberry hues and dark lipsticks.

Nyma Tang will give viewers ideas on how to do their makeup for Halloween, and Monica Veloz is the influencer who will inspire viewers with their holiday makeup. The last episode is a bonus episode, and will feature a surprise influencer. So you will have to stay on your toes for that one.

From festival season, to back to school, to holiday parties, Maybelline has you covered for the rest of the year.