McDonald's Just Called Donald Trump "Disgusting" On Twitter

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On Thursday morning, eagle-eyed social media users noticed that the Twitter account of megachain McDonald's had "pinned" a new tweet about President Trump. "You are actually a disgusting excuse for a President and we would love to have Barack Obama back," the tweet from McDonald's official corporate account read. "Also, you have tiny hands." Minutes after the discovery, the tweet disappeared, suggesting that the account had been hacked or otherwise compromised. Bustle has reached out to McDonald's for comment. Update: On Twitter, McDonald's wrote: "Twitter notified us that our account was compromised. We deleted the tweet, secured our account and are now investigating this."

If McDonald's had been hacked, this wouldn't be the first time a hack had infiltrated high-profile Twitter accounts this week. On Wednesday, a third-party hack saw organizations from Duke University and Amnesty International to the BBC unintentionally tweet swastikas and anti-Holland sentiment, apparently originating from Turkey (Holland and Turkey's political feud has recently deepened.)

Regardless, mistake or otherwise, many who saw the rogue tweet celebrated it. Some speculated that a rogue McDonald's employee could have posted the tweet, given that it appeared on the same morning that Trump's travel ban was intended to come into play.

Intentional or not, McDonald's may have unintentionally tapped into anti-Trump resistance with its pinned tweet. I mean, Twitter has never craved a Big Mac more than it did in the aftermath of the tweet.

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Somewhere, President Trump is trying to figure out what kind of Twitter burn would make Mickey D's feel as betrayed as he must in this moment.