The Very Best "Me On Election Day 2016 vs. Me On Election Day 2017" Memes

It's hard to believe that it's only been a year since Election Day 2016. For a lot of people, it's felt like much, much longer than that. Before Donald Trump was elected into office on Nov. 8, 2016, many of us were expecting to celebrate our first female president. Now, after a year under the Trump administration, some of us are, well, a little depleted. We're a little bit harder. More pessimistic. We've seen some things.

So, on Tuesday, when people came out for the local elections in Virginia, New Jersey, Utah, and New York City, they found a way to express their grief through a new meme. Constituents voted for their next governor in Virginia and New Jersey, for the next mayor in New York City, and to fill a vacant congressional seat in Utah.

The "Me on Election Day 2016 vs. Me on Election Day 2017" meme is equal parts painfully accurate and hilarious. Here, we rounded up the the 31 best visualizations of how we feel today.

Our So-Called Lives

We're Not Fully Recovered

It's Been A Rough Year

...Then Again, Maybe Not Much Has Changed

We're More Like Eleven In Season 2 Of Stranger Things

No Longer Messing Around

"Never Let Go, Jack"

*Slaps Face And Screams*

We're The Last Ten Minutes Of Heathers

It's Harder To "Just Keep Swimming"

But We're Still Ready To Fight

"Birth Is A Curse And Existence Is A Prison"

Under His Eye

It's Been A Horror Story

We're Not As Adorable Anymore

We Will Take You Down With The Lasso Of Truth

"It's A Cold And It's A Broken Hallelujah"

How Has It Only Been A Year?!

This Year Has Felt Longer Than The Lord Of The Rings

Literally Fighting Actual Nazis In 2017

Voldemort Doesn't Seem That Bad Anymore

"Smile, Because It Confuses People"

Welcome To The Dark Side

We Grew Up Too Fast

Death Becomes Us

We're Looking A Little Rough

It's A Great Day For Being Sad

What Was Life Like Before The Apocalypse?

No, Really?

The Death Star Sounds Nice Right Now TBH

You Can Never Be Too Prepared