These 'Mean Girls' Makeup Brushes Are Beyond Fetch

That's so fetch. The "that" I am referring to is the forthcoming Mean Girls Burn Book makeup brush collection from U.K. brand Spectrum Collections. Now you will be able to fully and effectively channel your inner Plastic — are you a Cady Heron or a Regina George? Personally, my fave is Janis Ian. So, what's in the Mean Girls brush set?

The Burn Book Brush Book is 10 brushes that will cost £49.99 — that converts to approximately $65 USD. There is a version of the set comes with a mini Burn Book bag that can double as a handbag and costs £79.99 or approximately $104 USD.

The brushes have a "dipped" look — that is, ombre pink and purple handles. They also have pink bristles, since The Plastics loved their pink. Duh! On Wednesday, they wear pink.

But get this! Each brush features a Mean Girls quote.

Additionally, if you want to truly complete your Spectrum x Mean Girls collection, there are two branded acrylic brush cubes in which you can store your tools.

The Burn Book brush set arrives on Aug. 30 exclusively via the Spectrum Collections site. I bet you are itching to know if the brand ships to the U.S. Yep, they do! So you can already start budgeting for and thinking about these awesome makeup tools.

It's legit happening and it doesn't matter if your nail beds suck.

Enjoy a scroll through the gallery to look at the case itself, the bristles, the handles, the colors, the awesome. So. Much. Awesome.

Who cares if "you can't sit with us?!" The Burn Book brushes are all you need in life.

This brush set is anything but a life ruiner. I could do this all day. Look at those fluffy heads.

Regina George's hair may or may not be insured for $10,000 but these brushes are beyond fetch.

Hurry up and get here, Aug. 30.