The Pizza-Kini Is Made Of ~Actual~ Pizza

by Augusta Statz
Michael Koh for Villa Italian Kitchen

I’m sure we’ve all fanaticized about having some sort of pizza genie that could summon a slice whenever we wanted (that can’t just be me!) but this really takes the idea of on-demand access to pizza to a whole other level. A bikini made of actual pizza exists, apparently. So yeah, I’ll just let you ruminate on that for a second.

Once you get past the idea of wearing pizza to, like, a pool (and have thoroughly searched the room to make sure Ashton Kutcher is not here to punk you) you’ll be ready to learn even more details about how and why this bikini was created. According to a press release that was sent to Bustle via email, the Villa Italian Kitchen has partnered New York City food stylist Jessie Bearden in honor of National Bikini Day to create a bikini hand-crafted out of... fresh mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and pepperoni.

The idea of a Pizza-Kini is crazy enough, but that’s not the only detail that will have your head spinning. This bikini will also apparently be available for purchase, and it will cost you $10,000 to own one. The price includes a custom fitting and the selection of toppings (because customization is what makes pizza so great, after all). The bikini will only be available to shop for 24 hours, so if by some chance you’ve got $10,000 and have been meaning to get yourself some pizza swimwear, you can place an order by sending a direct message to Villa Italian Kitchen on Facebook.

Michael Koh for Villa Italian Kitchen

Behold — the bathing suit you've always dreamed of but never thought could actually exist??

Michael Koh for Villa Italian Kitchen

This certainly is quite unlike anything I've ever seen. I mean, a pizza and bikini combo — what a time to be alive, am I right?!

Crochet Pizzakini, $45, Etsy

On the off chance you don't have thousands of dollars to spend on pizza you can wear — you can also find similar (but, less edible) versions online.

Pizzakini One Piece, $49.95, Beloved

And in case you're into the idea of rocking a pizza one-piece instead, well, there's a swimsuit for you. Ask and the Internet will provide.

BigMouth Giant Pizza Float, $24.90, Forever 21

If you're going to wear a pizza swimsuit, you've got to have matching pizza pool accessories to complete your look, you know?

Now you can eat your pizza, while wearing pizza, while floating on a pizza float. Now, that's some major ~~pizza-ception~~.