MTV's New Stunt Show Features This One Brave Woman


MTV's history of stunt shows is usually focused on inflicting direct harm in unique ways, finding new and creative ways to break flourescent light bulbs with one's body, roll around in a porta-potty, and general life-risking foolishness. However, Too Stupid To Die star Meggan Wentz, who is also known as "Hell On Wheels" on the new , is less interested in self-mutilation, and more interested in pulling off impressive car-based stunts. In one of the promos for the series, Wentz hops into a matte black car, with no airbags, and launches it off a ramp, into an RV that is rigged with explosives. The TSTD crew can only look on in awe as Wentz makes their stunts look like amateur hour.

While Wentz brings her own specific flavor of stunt to Too Stupid To Die, she's been friendly with the entire stunt crew well before their MTV debut. Wentz had shared pictures of her with TSTD ringleader Zach Holmes as early as January 1st, 2017. In the picture, Holmes is sporting a freshly knocked-out tooth from having shot himself in the face with a paintball gun at point-blank range. While Wentz hasn't knocked out any of her own teeth, she's been subjected to her fair share of pain in the name of being Too Stupid To Die.

She's Been Tasered

In one of their earliest videos together, Zach Holmes subjects Wentz to what appears to be a rite of passage for theTSTD crew by having her pull her pants down just enough so that he can "tase Meggan Wentz in the ass." As if the tasing wasn't enough, she's soon pelted by what appear to be BB pellets, before getting an opportunity to tase Holmes right back.

She's Been Thumbtack'd

It's not clear why Wentz has a variety of thumbtacks attached to her hand in this image, but close inspection determines that the thumbtacks are facing outwards, not inwards, indicating that she is the instigator of what promises to be an especially painful prank. Of course, with that many thumbtacks in play, it'd be surprising if Wentz didn't end up suffering to one herself following his picture.

She's Been Tomato'd

Driving a car through a flaming RV is scary, but is it scarier than staring down a tomato that you know, for a fact, is going to be hurtling straight into your face at any second? A Tomato slingshot is certainly a lot cheaper than an RV, and is an effective way to keep one's pain tolerance up.

Meggan Wentz's presence on Too Stupid To Die marks a rarity for Jackass-style stunt shows, which have long been the domain of men who are interested in finding new ways to hurt themselves, sometimes beyond repair. However, Wentz is proving that the art of self-inflicted pain is not exclusively owned by men. While only time will tell of Too Stupid To Die will have the same impact on broader culture that Jackass did in the early 2000's, there's no denying that Meggan Wentz and the TSTD crew are the biggest names in homemade pain in years.