Meghan Markle Has Been Doing Her Own Makeup & The Reason Why Is SO Relatable

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The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, likes to do things her own way, as is evidenced by her fashion-forward style and sometimes rule breaking aesthetic. This now extends to her beauty look, where Meghan Markle is now doing her own makeup, no longer needing the assistance of hired artists to get her looking photo-ready.

The glam squad is of course available to her, but there is one simple reason why she has decided to become the master of her own brushes and pots: she doesn't like the fuss involved and just wants to get on with her day. For someone who is hounded by cameras all day long, that's a refreshing stance.

Markle's previous makeup artist, Daniel Martin, sat down with People and gave them the low-down on what her beauty routine looks like now. Martin was the one that did her wedding makeup and is also a close friend of hers, so he intimately knows why she decided to step away from the glam squad and took over the reigns.

“She’s gotten more comfortable doing her own makeup. She loves makeup and she’s good at it!” Martin told People. "She’s been doing her makeup herself. She’s not fussy — she’s just trying to get it on and get out the door.”

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Martin stated that Markle's beauty look hasn't changed all that much since the times he has been doing her makeup for press events for her acting roles, claiming she still likes it to look natural and fuss-free. She prefers to accent her features and get on with her royal duties rather than worry about baking and highlighting. Not that there's anything wrong with that — to each their own.

"They have so many engagements, you have to stick with what you know and feel comfortable and confident and just own it,” Martin explained.

If you have been keeping track of Markle's royal press events recently, you have probably noticed that she has a formula to her look. She usually does a defined brow, rosy cheeks, a nude lip, and a smokey eye, looking polished and subtle. And she always likes her freckles to show through, usually requesting makeup artists like Martin to use sheer foundation so that those features aren't blurred.

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Though she does experiment a little when the mood strikes her. For example, you can often see the Duchess with a darker smokey eye during evening events and galas.

“She likes a stronger eye, her brow is a lot more defined now,” Martin says. “But it’s still her. If anything, she’s going to experiment with different tones, and now that she’s more tan she’ll use warmer colors. But she doesn’t stray too far from her technique, she’s very formulaic with her routine.”

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But there is one thing that you won't see Markle donning anytime soon: a dark lip. "The one time she did a red lip, she just didn’t feel comfortable in it. She likes to talk and she’s not a fussy person, so she doesn’t want to have to worry about anything,” Martin shared.

She clearly has flawless makeup techniques, because she has been looking fabulous this entire time.