Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Were Literally Treated Like Pop Stars On Their Latest Outing

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On Tuesday, throngs of screaming fans crowded outside a Brixton radio station in hopes of catching a glimpse of Britain's biggest stars. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's second official royal outing was about to be underway, but based on the mass hysteria and flurry of flashbulbs, you'd think Harry Styles was in town. Business as usual for Prince Harry, no doubt. Markle, on the other hand, couldn't stop smiling — seemingly (pleasantly) surprised by the warm reception.

Kensington Palace shared a video of the couple's entrance via Twitter, and Harry might as well be chopped liver in comparison to the crowd's reaction to Markle. All is relatively quiet while Harry and Markle are attentively engaging with someone outside, but then Harry turns, points to crowd, and waves, encouraging Markle to do the same. As she pivots to face the fans, they erupt with cheers, and her reaction can only be described as adorable. She gives a small wave of her own, and then quickly covers her mouth and wraps an arm around her waist before turning back to the conversation — almost as if she's visibly going "omg" on the inside. After that, she basically can't stop beaming. Rockstar status officially achieved.

Of course, the newly-engaged royal couple weren't visiting Reprezent 107.3 FM at the POP Brixton studios to debut a new single on-air or announce a world tour — in fact, according to CEO and station founder, Shane Carey, "[Harry and Markle] were very clear they didn’t want to be on the radio," he told People. "But one thing they were very, very strong on, which I quite liked actually, is that they wanted to talk to young people as much as possible."

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POP Brixton established the Reprezent training program in 2008, with hopes of helping British youth develop professional skills and gain music industry experience. The program was a direct response to a spike in knife crimes at the time, and it also focuses on socializing its participants through peer training and mentoring. The Kensington Palace Twitter account noted that Reprezent "[trains] hundreds of young people every year to develop useful skills and help progress to further education and employment opportunities," with over 4,000 trainees having gone through the program to-date.

Carey (via People) also said that it was Harry and Markle themselves who approached him about touring the station, after they'd heard about Reprezent's work with The Queen’s Young Leaders — an organization, familiar to Harry, that "[aims] to discover, celebrate & support young people from every corner of the Commonwealth who are transforming their own lives and the lives of others," according to the group's Facebook page.

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While visiting the station, Harry and Markle popped in during a live broadcast, where Glory, a 17-year-old, was DJing. According to The Telegraph, at some point during a song, Harry "made Meghan laugh by gesturing towards a CD mixer as if he was about to start 'scratching' a track.'" I don't know about you, but I'd pay good money to watch DJ Prince Harry headline a set at Coachella.

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And while the chances of that happening are slim-to-none, perhaps, at the very least, the couple was able to score some underground suggestions for "first dance" wedding tracks. With their impending nuptials just a few months away, they no doubt have plenty of planning to do, and it seems like the kids at Reprezent definitely know what's up. In the meantime, I'll be over here keeping my fingers crossed that they take up Cardi B's offer to perform at their royal reception.