This Is Where Meghan Buys Her Tights From & It's So Reflective Of Her Values

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We all know choosing tights can be an absolute nightmare. Do you go with black, nude, or, dare I say, patterned? Then there's the sizing: small, medium, or large. Who has ever fit those categories? Oh, and don't even get me started on denier. What does denier even mean?! Thank god for Heist, then. The hosiery brand that is shaking up the status quo. And it turns out we normal folk aren't the only ones who love this revolutionary brand because royal style icon Meghan Markle reporedtly wears Heist tights too!

Heist is changing the hosiery game. Not only does the brand offer products for people of all shapes and sizes, but also all skin tones. They have an incredible seven different shades of nude tights, meaning that people of colour can now find skin-coloured tights that actually match their skin colour.

As People magazine reports, "[i]t was after an appearance wearing too-pale nude tights at Buckingham Palace three days after her wedding that Heist got in touch with Meghan to offer a selection of their nude tights." And the Duchess of Sussex was into the idea. "After the brand initially tried to gift a box of products to the new royal (the products were returned as members of the royal family are unable to accept gifts), they were thrilled to discover that shortly afterwards, a selection of tights were purchased by the palace and later worn by Meghan, as confirmed to Heist by a palace spokesperson," write People.

Speaking to People about their fave royal customer, a Heist spokesperson said: "We’re thrilled that Meghan Markle is a fan of our tights, and one of the thousands of women who support our brand." They think their products are a perfect fit for Markle: "The tights were a much better match for her and like many of our customers, they say when you know, you just know!"

Add to that the fact that the brand are partnered with a charity with which Markle is a patron, Smart Works, and you have a tights match made in heaven. She appeared at an event for the charity which is, honestly, one of the coolest organisations around.

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Smart Works is a female-focused charity that is striving to change the lives of women across the nation. In a way that is not only super fun, but also incredibly important. They help to provide unemployed women with suitable outfits for their interviews that not only gives them a professional aesthetic but also a well-needed and deserved confidence boost. The women who come to them are those who are struggling and need a boost to help them change their lives. As Smart Works' website explains:

"Women are referred to us from organisations such as job centres, work programmes, prisons, care homes, homeless shelters, and mental health charities. Half have been unsuccessful in over 20 applications. A third have been turned down from over 50 jobs. All are suffering from a lack of confidence in their own abilities."

You can browse Heist's collection — including tights, sock, and shapewear — on their website.