Meghan Markle Used Pinterest For Wedding Day Makeup Inspo Because Clearly

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Meghan Markle's wedding day beauty look was unforgettable because it was so... her. As the world knows, the Duchess of Sussex opted for her signature messy bun and her usual glowing skin, nude lips, and darkly rimmed eyes for her big day. Now, her makeup artist Daniel Martin is revealing that Meghan Markle used Pinterest for wedding makeup inspiration. In a new interview with the Gloss Angeles podcast, hosted by Kirbie Johnson and Sara Tan (who is Bustle's Senior West Coast Fashion & Beauty Editor), the U.S.-based Martin revealed that he and Markle easily traded beauty ideas while collaborating from different continents.

"I didn't have a makeup trial with her because we couldn't make the time," Martin told Gloss Angeles about the lead up to ceremony. "I knew what she liked and didn't like. We exchanged Pinterest pictures over text."

Indeed, Pinterest provides so much visual inspo. Whether you are looking for suggestions on how to store your sunglasses or what to wear leather leggings with, Pinterest has all the pictures and ideas.

"Pinterest is an incredible tool to use as a reference," Martin explained about why the platform worked for Markle and more. "For brides, that's their red carpet moment. And I feel like you can't stray too far from who you want to be and who you are because the last thing you want to do is look at these pictures and think, 'I was not comfortable looking like that.' You still have to have a sense of who you are."

If you've been long dormant on Pinterest, now is the time to start saving Pins.

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Martin also weighed in on the Duchess' decision to rock a soft and natural look for her big day. It was simply a matter of balance, balance, and more balance with her custom Givenchy column gown.

"The dress is so architectural, if she had anymore makeup on, you wouldn't even look at the dress. And that's not what that moment is about," he shared.

The royal wedding of Meghan and Harry was a huge professional "get" for Martin. But he told Gloss Angeles that it was really no different than a friend asking him to do their makeup. But Martin shared that it wasn't until he and hair stylist Serge Normant commuted to the wedding itself that they truly began to appreciate the magnitude of the moment.

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While working right alongside Markle during a major life event, Martin got to see a side of the Duchess that so few have. It turns out that Markle is as advertised and she's basically awesome all of the time. Calling her "the most chill person," he labeled the morning of the wedding as "just easy."

"Nothing phased us," he said. "She’s still the same person."

Martin also discussed an array of topics other than Markle's wedding day look during the Gloss Angeles podcast, such as what products he'd buy with $100 at Ulta or Target. However, he also offered up some makeup application tips you're so going to want to try tomorrow morning.

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Martin isn't one to use brushes, opting to paint makeup on with his fingers instead. For Martin, having direct contact with the skin makes all the difference and it's a hack he learned from the legendary Pat McGrath.

"You touch the face," he said. "You massage the face. You get that blood going to really pull out the skin. There’s a definite disconnect when you apply makeup with a brush."

Martin will apply everything from eyeshadow to foundation to cream blush with his fingers and switch to brushes for detail work. But it's hands that activate product.

"You need that warmth from your hands to meld everything," he shared with Gloss Angeles. "That's why makeup always looks better 30 minutes after it's done."

That concludes your makeup lesson for the day from Meghan Markle's very own MUA.