Meghan Markle Wore Prince Harry's Jacket On A Low-Key Shopping Trip & It's Too Cute

by Sophie McEvoy
Chris Jackson/Chris Jackson Collection/Getty Images

Spring is finally in full bloom, and the excitement surrounding the arrival of the latest addition to the royal family is increasing by the second. While it seems that Duke and Duchess of Sussex are beginning to put their royal duties on hold as they prepare to welcome their first child, they were recently spotted on a low-key shopping trip where Meghan Markle wore Prince Harry's jacket to round off her super casual look. Either Megan is privy to the luxury of "borrowing" your significant other's clothes or Harry is a total gent — whatever the case may be, the Duchess looked as radiant as ever.

As Marie Claire reports, the couple were photographed leaving London wellness store Ila's Apothecary on March 29, where Meghan was seen to be rocking an amazing Sixteen Candles tee underneath her husband's green jacket. It was initially believed to be one of the Duchess's go-to J Crew numbers but style blog Meghan's Mirror pointed out that it was indeed Harry's jacket, which as Hello! magazine reports, he has worn on multiple occasions. This isn't the first time Meghan has been seen wearing Harry's jacket, as she did the same thing during their first royal tour last November when they walked through a New Zealand forest. Clearly the Prince is very intuitive when his wife is cold, as on both occasions Harry is sans-coat. I can't.

If Meghan's casual looks have inspired you to recreate something similar, look no further than the aforementioned Meghan's Mirror as they conveniently list the items the Duchess is wearing and where to buy them. Believe it or not, according to the site's sleuthing, the Sixteen Candles lewk is actually a pretty affordable outfit, that is if you exclude the £650 necklace the Duchess reportedly received during her baby shower in February (as beautiful as it is).

Speaking of her baby shower, as the Duchess is nearing the end of her pregnancy (she's reportedly due at the end of April or early May), it's understandable to wonder how often we'll be seeing Meghan — and her amazing maternity outfits — before the baby finally arrives. The Duchess's public engagements ended last month, according to Harpers Bazaar, but apparently her maternity leave hasn't begun just yet. "Meghan will continue working privately behind the scenes, taking meetings" a palace aide told the magazine. "She has also been using this period to catch up with those involved in her patronage-related endeavours."

While that may be so, it seems as though Meghan has slowed down quite a bit seeing as the Duke and Duchess reportedly moved into Frogmore Cottage last week, which has undergone a significant renovation since it was first reported that the couple were leaving Kensington Palace. As Vogue reports, the property was originally a series of apartments but has since been transformed "into a single-family home" which will include "[a] yoga studio, green energy units, soundproofed windows, and a nursery decorated with vegan paint." I don't know about you, but that sounds like a perfect home for Meghan and Harry to raise a family in.