Meghan Markle Wore A Cropped Blazer So Now I Want A Cropped Blazer

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In another addition of royal wardrobe moments, Meghan Markle wore a Givenchy pantsuit to Ireland. Now, blazers are typically nothing special. Unless it's this one. The cropped design, which was created by the Duchess of Sussex's wedding designer, will give you major outfit inspiration from now into fall.

In true Markle form, the royal is toeing the line when it comes to royal fashion yet again. After stunning in oversized hats and brightly colored dresses for weeks now, Markle has finally stepped out in pants. She wore a Givenchy pantsuit that featured a cropped blazer and fitted trousers on her trip to Dublin with Prince Harry.

She paired the outfit with a casual black clutch, gold belt, and her seemingly favorite pair of black pumps. The shoes are the Perfect Pump 100 from Sarah Flint. The design comes in three different heights and are a cool $355.

But it was the blazer that stole the show. The cropped style is formal enough to pass royal standards, but still proves that Markle knows a thing or two about style. It's the exact opposite of her wedding dress, made by the same designer, but will make you think about adding one to your closet ASAP.

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This was the first time that she's worn pants since officially becoming the Duchess of Sussex, aka officially a member of the royal family. While wearing pants isn't exactly breaking royal fashion rules, according to InStyle, it doesn't happen often. There's a good chance that it will from now on though.

"You don’t see senior members of the Royal Family wearing trousers or trouser suits for official engagements," the English manner chief executive Alexandra Messervy says. "A departure from that has been on occasion HRH The Duchess of Gloucester and HRH The Princess Royal, I think, but very rare."

Just to note, Markle was on an official engagement during her time in Ireland. So this is a big step for royal fashion standards. Of course, Markle has been breaking royal fashion rules since the very beginning. She's been seen skipping out on stockings and toeing the line with mesh outfits, but this is the first time that she's pushed the rules of post-wedding style.

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This isn't exactly the exact couple matching moment, but it is fun to see that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are sporting a similar style on their trip to Ireland. Prince Harry wore an all-gray pantsuit to the same Ireland event that Markle wore her Givenchy to. The Duke of Sussex's look was not as trendy as Markle's though.

It's not the first time that the two have both shown up in pantsuits, either. The two stepped out in a similar look at an awards ceremony before they were officially wed. Although the first tailored look was Alexander MacQueen, the two looks gave off the same princess wearing pants vibes.

Typically, the royal women of the family stick to dresses and skirts for royal outings. Up until now, Markle has as well. There is no word on why she decided to go business casual to go check out the Dublin-based sports event, but she sure did kill it with her style.

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Moral of the story: this is a brand new way to wear a blazer. You don't have to stick to the oversized, slightly frumpy version. A cropped version is the perfect way to switch things up.

Not to mention that Markle proves that the blazer is not just for fall. If royals can wear a blazer in the middle of the summer, then you can too. After all, fashion has no rules — unless, of course, you're royal.