Meghan McCain Stays Strong In The Face Of Her Father's Cancer Diagnosis

Following the announcement on Wednesday that the Arizona senator and former presidential candidate was diagnosed with brain cancer, Sen. John McCain's daughter Meghan McCain released a statement about her father's condition. Meghan McCain, a commentator on Fox News, touched on her father's previous experiences with cancer via Twitter and assured that the member of her family "who is most confident and calm" in face of the diagnosis is McCain himself.

McCain said she and her family are grateful for thoughts and prayers during this time and gave a touching tribute to her father's strength in the face of many challenges — in his military, political and personal life — as "a warrior at dusk." In her heartfelt tribute, she wrote:

As Meghan mentioned in her statement, her family has "endured the shock" of the news despite being familiar with the experience — her father had previously had skin cancer, having had a melanoma removed via surgery in August 2000.

McCain described her father as "the toughest person [she knows]" and said he is "meeting this challenge as he has every other."

"Cancer may afflict him in may ways," she continued, "but it will not make him surrender. Nothing ever has."

Sen. McCain's diagnosis was announced on Wednesday night via a statement from his office, explaining that a tumor — called a glioblastoma— was found in his brain following a minor surgery to remove a blood clot last week. The statement also assured that McCain "is confident that any future treatment will be effective" and "is in good spirits" as he recovers from his surgery at home with his family.