Melania's Facial Expressions At Big Moments Suggest She's Often Deep In Thought

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Though they are frequently photographed and, oftentimes, very active on social media, women in the Trump family rarely divulge many private personal details about themselves. Because of this, onlookers are often stuck trying to make sense of their photos, and what they're doing when a photographer catches them off-guard. The first lady is no exception, and Melania Trump's facial expressions, especially at big moments, have been making headlines for years.

It's important to keep in mind that a photograph only represents a quick blip in time, and that facial expressions aren't always as telling as you might think. On top of that, it's consistently difficult to decipher exactly what Melania is thinking at any given moment. In many ways, she's perfected the art of the poker face.

Like other members of the Trump family, Melania is no stranger to being constantly photographed. Whether it's a formal portrait inside of the White House or the paparazzi snapping photos of her outside of D.C., the first lady is virtually always camera ready. But while she's no doubt prepared, nobody can be "on" at all moments, and candid photos of Melania seem to offer a glimpse into her emotions, even if it's fleeting.

At The Inaugural Ball

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At President Donald Trump's inaugural ball, Melania and Trump danced together, as is custom. But while she did smile in many photos, several shots captured the newly-minted first lady staring off, the corners of her mouth slightly upturned. It's impossible to know for sure, but it seemed as though the reality of how much her life was about to change may have been sinking in.

Hosting Her First White House Event

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Melania hosted her first White House event on International Women's Day in 2017. While standing at the podium and addressing her guests, a photographer snapped her making an expression much like the one she donned during parts of the Inaugural Ball, which took place nearly two months prior. Like then, she appeared intensely focused on what was before her.

Trump's First State Of The Union

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At President Trump's first SOTU, Melania once again sported her signature, highly-focused gaze. Chances are that she knows how intrinsically interesting she is to the American people and, known to be a private person, measuredly presents herself as both calm and serious.

Announcing "Be Best"

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Melania's platform reveal was a very highly-anticipated event, and her announcement was closely watched. Like the Inaugural Ball, she smiled widely in most photographs. But in this photo, where she gazes down to her right, Melania's excitement appears to give way to some serious contemplation.

Returning From Her First International Trip

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No doubt exhausted from an extended trip abroad, the first lady appeared more tired than usual when she and Trump arrived back in Washington, DC after their first overseas trip as the first couple. Not looking toward the cameras at all, she was captured focusing intently on the ground directly in front of her.

On Election Night

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It's no secret that Trump was widely anticipated to lose his bid for the presidency in 2016. It is a secret whether or not Melania truly expected to become the first lady, and in at least one photo from the monumental evening in which Trump did, in fact, win, Melania was caught appearing slightly overwhelmed. It was a very hectic night, and people around the world were watching, so feeling at least a tiny bit of stress would only have made sense.

And Inauguration Day

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Inauguration Day is always a monumental day in American history, and 2017's was no exception. But during the swearing-in ceremony, Melania, at least for a while, seemed focused on something else. Though there was plenty of speculation, Melania never shared what was going through her mind.

First Christmas In The White House

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The first family's first Christmas in the White House would, for most families, mark a very joyous occasion. But in at least one shot during the annual national Christmas tree lighting ceremony, Melania appeared a little out of it. That could be because she was tired and ready to go home after a long evening, but her expression stood out, either way.

Melania may remain a private person for the rest of her tenure in the White House, and if she does, that's entirely her choice. But being first lady, it's unlikely that Americans will ever stop trying to figure out exactly what she's thinking. As with many high-profile figures, all we may ever have are the photos.