These Jelly Shoes Are The EXACT Sandals Your Mom Bought You In The '90s

It's pedicure season, and therefore it's time to break out your favorite sandals. But who needs Crocs when you can now wear the same summer footwear that your mom bought for you in the '90s? The Melissa Possession Jelly Sandal (offers sizes 5 to 13) is back and it's better than ever. The brand has made a few updates to the shoe since your childhood, but you will still be able to indulge in some '90s nostalgia.

As HelloGiggles reports, the Melissa International Possession Jelly Sandals come in several fresh shades, from basic black to clear to navy blue. The shoes are also offered in matte and transparent finishes if you are looking for different degrees of depth or dimension. Each pair costs $75, and you will pretty much live in them this summer since they will go with everything already in your closet.

The Possession Jelly Sandals can also function as an awesome and unexpected fashion hack. If you are in between pedicures and your toenail polish happens to be chipping, you don't need to drag out a pair of socks and switch to sneakers to conceal it. Since these jellies have a closed toe, you can camouflage your toes until your next salon appointment and still rock a breathable, and semi-open shoe.

The brand posted a video announcing Possession's welcome return on its Instagram feed. The models in the video certainly demonstrated how versatile and comfortable these deceptively simple sandals can be. The clip acts as a source of style inspo, showing that these jellies can be worn with overalls, rolled cuff boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, dresses, and socks. The colorful Possessions can add just the right pop to any OOTD.

The low-key matte version, which is also available in bright yellow and tan, is the ultimate in casual summer footwear. If you are indeed wearing your Possession Jelly Sandals everywhere, they are likely to get more than a little dirty and scuffed. You can consult Bustle's handy guide on how to easily and inexpensively clean jelly sandals in order to keep them looking as fresh out of the box as possible.

By comparison, the glossy Possession sandal, which is also available in blue, clear, and black options, feels slightly dressier than its matte counterpart. Since the shine packs some extra punch, you could style these jellies up for a beachside wedding or an outdoor graduation party.

The Melissa Possession Jelly Sandals are further proof everything old can be new again — even your former play shoes.