The Woman Who Got Dumped By 'The Bachelor' Just Like Becca Wants You To Know It'll Be FINE

Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Thanks to the way Arie Luyendyk Jr. ended his Bachelor season, Jason Mesnick's season, where he chose Molly Malaney (now Mesnick) over winner Melissa Rycroft, has become very relevant yet again. Nine years later, all parties involved have happily moved on, and Melissa's comment on Arie's Bachelor finale sums up the entire situation with much more positivity than how most people see it. And, Molly even responded to Melissa's tweet.

Longtime viewers are aware that this Twitter exchange was a long time coming. Jason was engaged to Melissa, but dumped her during After the Final Rose because he still had feelings for Molly. She was completely blindsided, embarrassed, heartbroken, and many other negative descriptors, but Season 13 finale in 2009 was such a long time ago and Melissa is only sending good vibes these days.

During the live portion of Arie's After the Final Rose special, Jason and Molly made an appearance and, apparently, Melissa was watching just like the rest of America. Melissa tweeted, "Can I just say, @MollyMesnick looks beautiful tonight...OG Bachelor Switcharoo’s - we’re all doing fine, and ended up where we should have in life...I think the universe is going to be ok. #thebachelor #og."

It has been a very messy situation with Arie and his love triangle with Becca Kufrin and Lauren Burnham, but Melissa tweeting Molly could provide some sense of hope for Becca, Arie, and Lauren once more time passes and they aren't constantly in the headlines. Molly even quoted Melissa's tweet and added a response of her own:

This Twitter exchange truly was nine years in the making. At this point, Bachelor shows are known for creating more best friend matches than romantic relationships, but unlike a lot of the former contestants, Melissa and Molly have not had any semblance of a post-show friendship. They will not be sharing hair vitamins or sipping on detox tea for a joint Instagram post any time soon, but they have definitely come a long way since that 2009 finale.

During a post-finale interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Melissa was asked if she could ever be friends with Jason and Molly. She responded, "Jason and Molly don't quite have the characteristics of someone I would want to be friends with. On a level, they both did betray me. I understand it was a breakup, and I'm not mad about that. We all get broken up with, but to be lied to..."

In a 2016 interview with Us Weekly, Melissa said, "I have not talked to him since the day I left that stage… It is what it is. It was a breakup. There really hasn’t been reasons to talk." Melissa didn't specify if she had talked to Molly or not, but at the very least, it's obvious that the two are not friends.

Nevertheless, Melissa is at peace with what happened. She told Us Weekly, "But I don’t think any of us would have changed how it happened because we are all where we are supposed to be. I am where I am supposed to be, and I’m with who I am supposed to be with." Melissa got back together with her pre-Bachelor boyfriend Tye Strickland. They got married in December 2009 and have three children together.

Molly agrees that life ended up the way it was supposed to. She even referenced the tweets to and from Melissa an Instagram post after the show. She wrote, "A dramatic finale, for sure, but Melissa Rycroft said it best 'OG Bachelor Switcheroos - we’re all doing fine and ended up where we should have in life...I think the universe is going to be ok'. ...Lets cheer for EVERYONE and wish Becca, Arie and Lauren the best #spreadlove #thebachelor."

The spotlight shined intensely on Jason, Molly, and Melissa after the end of end of their Bachelor season, but they all found their happily ever after and even some civility and genuine well wishes for each other. Obviously, the Arie, Lauren, and Becca situation is very fresh in comparison, but the original Bachelor "switcheroo" paved the way and provides some hope that all parties involved will be just fine this time, as well.