Most Rain Shoes Are The Worst, But I Found Ones That Aren't

by Amanda Richards
Melissa Shoes

Anyone who knows me well has likely spent at least 20 minutes of friend-time discussing footwear (apologies to all who have had this riveting experience), and knows that I absolutely cannot with a rain shoe. That is, of course, until I discovered Melissa Panapana Shoes, the waterproof, vegan leather creepers that have made my rain-repellent footwear dreams a reality.

Don't get me wrong: On other people, I love the aesthetic of a knee-high Wellington or a Hunter ankle bootie — you go right ahead and serve that royal-family-on-vacation-in-Scotland realness. For me, though, they've never really worked. Perhaps it's the typically heavy weight of this kind of shoe (I prefer my shoes light), or the fact that my feet overheat in rubber (and hot feet turn me into an actual monster). It may also have something to do with the fact that if given the choice, I would wear white canvas high top Vans all year round — my soaking, frigid toes do not abide.

Melissa Panapanas offer the waterproof experience without all of the above. The shoes are lightweight and easy to walk in, and because they're made 100% plastic instead of rubber, they don't get overly hot (yes, really). The aesthetic of the Melissa Panapana is totally different from the outdoorsy rain gear that doesn't really match my overall vibe. Instead, it comes in the form of a gloriously '90s creeper.

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Melissa Panapana Shoe, $130, Shop Melissa

Granted, a rain shoe in creeper form does leave you open to the risk of your foot getting soaked in a downpour — at least some water is getting in there, for real. However, in the more frequent event of a light rain or heavy puddle situation, these shoes have got you covered: The thick sole keeps you elevated and free from splash back.

Melissa Shoes are available in black, beige, pink and silver glitter, and blush and gold glitter (though available sizes vary). What's more: The shoes are totally recyclable, which means that when you grow tired of them (if that ever happens, which I personally doubt), you don't have to feel guilty about throwing them away.

In terms of styling, the shoe looks amazing with everything from a skinny jean to a wide leg cropped trouser to a midi dress — there's just nothing that a '90s creeper can't work with, you know?