Celebrate International Cat Day With These Cat Memes

There's no denying that cats are special, but there's also no denying that they can be pretty hilarious. If you want to see some reminders, reading through these memes about cats for International Cat Day are a must. They'll make you laugh, they'll make you cry (tears of laughter), and they'll make you want to go find your cat and hang out with it more often.

Every cat owner knows that cats have unique personalities. Some are picky, some are sweet, and some are scared of everything. Every cat owner also knows that cats do weird things, like running across the house like psychopaths, obsessively chasing laser pointers all over the walls, and playing for hours in cardboard boxes. Ever imagine what the life of a cat is like? I have to think it's a pretty awesome one.

If you own a cat, then these memes are going to have you cracking up. Even if you don't own a cat, you'll probably be able to relate to all of these memes if you've ever spent any time with a cat. Share them with all your friends and family, particularly if they have any pet cats of their own. If there's one thing that can bond people, it's having a common obsession over the same animal.

Yup, that happens all the time.

It always seems like cats are up to something sneaky.

He's got a point.

But so adorable, right?

I understand you too, kitty. At least some of the time.

Cats find the weirdest places to relax, don't they?

Sounds like a cat to me.

I wish I had that kind of attention span.

Should of skipped the expensive toys.

Stop, the cuteness is killing me.

Images: Octavio Fossatti/Unsplash