The Love Islanders Went Speed Dating & The Memes Were Truly Lit

Love Island/ITV

Wednesday's episode of Love Island was a dating extravaganza. After three new arrivals were parachuted into to villa, they needed to get to know its existing residents. And the best way to do that? Well dates of course. The newest islanders were asked to pick the three contestants they fancied the most for a date under the Majorcan sunshine, and the memes from Love Island's speed dating episode were every bit as hilarious as you'd expect.

While Love Island's first dates might be more glam than your usual affair (that picnic location was something else, hay fever issues aside) they're no different from normal first dates in the levels of awkwardness on display. Which like almost anything that happens on the show means they're ripe for the meme treatment. Especially after Eyal got a kiss from Megan, but more on that drama later.

First, who picked who? New boys Charlie and Josh seem to have fairly similar types as they both went for Samira and Hayley. But Charlie also picked Georgia, while Josh went for Laura, a decision that could have spelt disaster for her romance with Wes, but luckily for that rom-com waiting to happen, she wasn't the slightest bit interested in the villa's new talent.

Meanwhile, new girl Megan picked Niall, Alex, and Eyal, but it was her date with Hayley's new arch-nemesis that proved the most eventful as the pair kissed.

And now that you're all caught up, it's time for some memes.

After pairing up with Samira as friends in Friday's recoupling and struggling with some serious self-confidence issues, social media was united in its joy for Alex after he was selected to go on a date by new arrival Megan.

Viewers weren't just overjoyed by Megan's choice, but found Alex's pep talk to himself as he got ready to meet her totally adorable.

But little did Alex know, that while he was getting his glad rags on, Eyal and Meghan, who were already on their date, were getting on like a house on fire. And viewers were not happy.

Meanwhile others were distracted by the location of the date, which took place in some seriously picturesque countryside. But not everyone was on board with the idea of a picnic in a field.

And it wasn't just the dates that caught viewers imagination. The islanders ended the episode with a game of truth or dare, which as well as some unusual activities with honey, set the scene for another classic Hayley moment. It turns out the model doesn't know what an earlobe is. Ahh Hayley.

After everyone had finished shaking their heads at Hayley, producers dropped the bombshell that the hideaway was going to be opened for the first time and the islanders were asked to vote for the couple they thought should be sent in. Wes and Laura were chosen, which led to this extremely amusing celebration from Wes. Something tells me it just might become a meme...

What with dates, truth or dare, and hideaway action, you'd think the producers would have exhausted all the drama for one day. Well you'd be wrong. The preview for Tuesday's episode is one of the most explosive in the series so far. It looks like Adam has got himself into some serious trouble with Rosie, but at this stage details are thin on the ground, which of course led to a lot of meme-based speculation on social media.

But just what did Adam do? I guess you'll just have to tune in to the next episode to find out!

Love Island continues at 9 p.m. Sunday to Friday on ITV2