Memes & Tweets About Mark Zuckerberg's Testimony Are BRUTAL

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images; Grace Spelman/Twitter

On Tuesday, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg faced down members of Congress in a hearing largely focused on the social media site's user privacy protections. Of course, because the internet is the internet, Twitter users couldn't help but find some humor in the situation. So they did what they do best: they shared memes and tweets about Zuckerberg's testimony that poked fun at everything from the notes the tech icon's personal style to the notes he apparently left open to photographers.

Of particular interest to Twitter users was Zuckerberg's hair style, which many said looked like it was cut at home instead of in a salon, which tickled the critics because Zuckerberg is well-known to be a billionaire.

Despite the levity of the tweets and memes that made the rounds Monday afternoon, Zuckerberg's presence on Capitol Hill was a very serious affair. He was questioned about how Facebook protects its users' data, whether or not he considered the social media website to be a monopoly, and probed about how the company responded to the still-unfolding Cambridge Analytica scandal. For a while, though, the Internet put all of those questions aside, and focused instead, on Zuckerberg as just a person in a sticky situation, not as a tech giant.

The Multi-Billionaire Who Cuts His Own Hair

Many users were particularly focused on Zuckerberg's hair.

Are Those ... Microbangs?

One user described his hairline as having "microbangs."

The George Osborne School Of Haircuts

Zuckerberg's haircut reminded some of a certain British politician.

Internal Screaming

Zuck's eyes said it all for this Twitter user.

He's In The Middle Of A Nightmare About Finals

One user questioned whether Zuckerberg was suffering from extreme stress during his testimony.

Older Politicians Learn How To Use Facebook

Not even Zuckerberg's questioners were free from teasing.

MySpace Tom Is Having A Good Day

Maybe Facebook was the best thing to happen to MySpace.

Zuck's Notes

Seems like Zuckerberg had to remind himself to tell Congresspeople he was listening to them.

In Memory Of "The Social Network"

One user set Zuck's appearance in Congress to music used to promote a movie about the rise of Facebook.

Is Salad Okay?

Salad is not okay.

A Caricature Of Himself

One user thought the Facebook CEO looked a little ... off.

Who Is He Looking Out For

There were robot jokes a-plenty.

Victims Of Spam Scam

One user wondered questioned senators' internet literacy.

Definitely Not A Robot

A user questioned whether Zuckerberg was smiling of his own volition.

Would Senators Have Noticed An Imposter?

Jesse Eisenberg played Zuckerberg in The Social Network.

Zuck's Internal Monologue

Many wondered what, exactly, was going through the Facebook CEO's head.

Great Goat Roast :')

Zuck's old Facebook photos might be as cringe-worthy as everyone else's.

This Guy Is All Of Us

What is going on?

It's Complicated

Everything you develop can and will be used against you, on the internet.

Which 90210 Character Is Zuck?

Maybe a quiz would help.

Facebook Testimony Bingo!

If not a quiz, then maybe a game?

Sentenced To Baby Boomer Facebook Posts

A generation with a certain style of internet-ing.

Don't Forget To "Like" Us

A user riffed on Zuckerberg using the testimony to promote his company.

*Lowers Sunglasses, Squints At Phone*

The internet really wanted to know if Senators understood social media.

A Computer The Size Of Two Pigs

Inquiry forthcoming.

Tuesday only marked Zuckerberg's first day of congressional testimony. Wednesday morning, he will face questioning from members of the House. Whether the memes will be as on point waits to be seen.