Ellen Pompeo Just Weighed In On Meredith & DeLuca's Future On 'Grey's Anatomy'

Eric McCandless/ABC

Ever since the very beginning of the season, Meredith has found herself in the middle of a very streamy love triangle between her, DeLuca, and Link. And like any good love triangle, fans have been quick to take sides as to who they'd like to see ultimately win over our leading lady's heart. But while there may still be some Link-Meredith shippers out there, Ellen Pompeo's latest comments about Meredith and DeLuca's future on Grey's Anatomy pretty much solidify what many of us had already suspected: that Mer has already made her decision on who she wants to be with. (Spoiler alert: it isn't Link.)

"I think the other one is out of the picture and I think Meredith has chosen DeLuca," Pompeo told E! News during a recent interview, though she made sure to add an ominous remark at the very end to still keep fans guessing. "How long that lasts, who knows?" These remarks shouldn't come as a total surprise to Grey's fans who have watched as DeLuca continuously charmed Meredith at work, whether that involved smoldering gazes or speaking to her in Italian. They even recently shared a rather steamy kiss in the hospital that seemed to indicate things were going in his favor.

Eric McCandless/ABC

However, given the fact that Meredith had felt comfortable introducing Link to her children (he attended a birthday party where all the kids thought he was Thor), some may have been holding out hope that he still stood a chance. But after Pompeo's words, that prospect feels more unlikely than ever.

Of course, she isn't the only one who has dished on her thoughts about who her character should choose. Giacomo Gianniotti, who plays DeLuca, previously admitted to Entertainment Tonight that his character doesn't even view it as a competition at this point. "I think DeLuca is confident with what he has to offer," the actor told the outlet, adding:

"They spent that time in the elevator together where he revealed a lot about himself and opened up and was vulnerable, which she found beautiful and attractive that he felt safe enough to be open and vulnerable around her. I hear that that’s an attractive quality to women — men who talk about their feelings and aren’t this iron-clad gate who don’t talk about their emotions. That’s something positive about him and we’ll see where it goes."

That certainly sounds like someone who seems to think his on-screen counterpart is a sure thing to win Meredith over. But despite how much chemistry they may have together now, it wasn't always smooth-sailing, especially given that awkward first kiss they shared during Jo and Alex's wedding last season.

"At the time, I just thought [the kiss] was going to have to be a cross for him to bear [in Season 15], like, 'Oh, God, I kissed her drunkenly at the wedding, and every time I see her, I have to think about that and relive that,'" Gianniotti said during a recent interview with TVLine. "But that initial childish interpretation turned into something more."

For Pompeo, though, it was even less romantic than fans originally thought since she was sick at the time of filming. "The only thing I could think about was poor Giacomo," Pompeo recalled during the same TVLine interview, adding:

"It was like the last day of shooting [on Season 14] and he was leaving to go shoot a movie in Toronto, and I was like, 'Oh my God, this poor guy. I have to kiss him. I hope I don’t get him sick before he goes to shoot his movie.' So that’s pretty much all I was thinking about!"

Thankfully, their romance has gone a little more smoothly since then and based on Pompeo's comments, the best may still be yet to come.