Meryl Streep Fangirling Over Cher's 'Mamma Mia 2' Performance Is All Of Us

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Move over Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, because there's another Hollywood friendship in town that is in need of some well-deserved recognition. In light of the upcoming release of Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, many of the film's stars took to the red carpet on Monday, July 16 to kick off the London premiere. Two of those cast members included Hollywood legends Meryl Streep and Cher, who reunite in Mamma Mia 2, marking the first time they've worked on-screen together in 35 years. The two first worked together in 1983's Silkwood, for which Cher won a Golden Globe. But even decades later, their friendship has proven to withstand the test of time and Streep's comments about reuniting with Cher in the musical comedy only further shows that these two are the ultimate definition of friendship goals.

"It was fantastic," Streep told Entertainment Tonight, when asked what it was like to work with Cher once more. "I came on the set the day that she sang 'Fernando.' That was my first day... And she just lifted the lid off the place! I mean, she steals the movie!" As someone who has stolen plenty of scenes (perhaps even all of the scenes) over the course of her impressive career, that really is the highest compliment she could have given her life-long friend. Can someone please start writing a buddy comedy for these two icons to star in together ASAP?

But for those out there who are starting to wonder if the admiration Streep has for Cher is entirely mutual, then look no further. Cher was just as thrilled to be working alongside her friend and former colleague, from whom she said she learned so much at the start of her acting career. "It's great to see her [again]," Cher told ET in an different interview prior to the London premiere. "We've stayed friends all these years. I cannot believe that, but [Silkwood] was my first film, and she helped me. I mean, she was unbelievable, because I had no idea what I was doing."

And the two of them are well aware of all of the head scratching some fans have done since it was first announced that Cher would be playing the mother of Streep's Mamma Mia character, Donna, despite the fact that Cher is only three years older than Streep. As always, Streep offered up the perfect retort when asked about the age difference between them (or lack thereof). She explained to ET that Cher "appropriately" plays her mother "because she's lived a much longer life than I have."

However, just in case you're not already jealous of this friendship, Amanda Seyfried, who stars as Streep's on-screen daughter and Cher's on-screen granddaughter in the film, had an interesting detail to add about their time on set. It seems as though Cher and Streep were practically inseparable during filming, and made sure to spend as much time together as possible.

"I'm pretty sure they were staying at the same place when Cher and Meryl were in town to shoot," Seyfried shared with Entertainment Tonight. "I just pictured sweatpants and movies. I don't know what really happened. I guess they went to the bar, but I just thought it was so cute that they were staying in the same place." Oh to be a fly on that wall. The thought of Streep and Cher just hitting the town for a girls night out is almost too wonderful to fully comprehend.

Many fans have been concerned over the lack of Streep's presence in the Mamma Mia trailers, worrying that her absence may signify Donna's death. But while viewers will have to head to the theater to figure that part out, at least we can take comfort in knowing that despite what ended up happening on-screen, Cher and Streep were sharing a lot of laughs together when the cameras weren't rolling.