These 'Game Of Thrones' Undies Feature Fire-Breathing Dragons That Khaleesi Would Die For

Courtesy of MeUndies

Underwear is always elevated to the next level with MeUndies, an underwear-and-more membership/subscription program that's as flexible as the waistband of your favorite bikini briefs and whose offerings are made of the supremely soft material. MeUndies has dropped a Game of Thrones-inspired print featuring flying and fire-breathing dragons (sizes XS to 3XL) and furthers the notion that underwear isn't simply something you wear beneath your clothes. Rather, underthings are a form of self-expression that flaunt your personal style as much as any other accessory.

The collection features various cuts and silhouettes. There are panties, bras, boxers, boxer briefs, socks, lounge pants, and more. The print features a navy blue base, black bands, and gray dragons spewing flames from their mouths. How infinitely cool to wear panties with reptiles and flames.

If you are a fan of the show, you can wear these undies when hanging out solo or while cuddling under the covers with your partner and watching all the drama unfold on the small screen during the final season of the beloved HBO series. However, if you have never watched a single episode and have no idea who or what a Khaleesi is and are merely a fan of cool undergarments in general, you can still rock any of these pieces.

Courtesy of MeUndies

If you're not familiar with MeUndies and how its "no strings attached" service works, here's a crash course. You can sign up for membership and gain access to additional, member-exclusive prints and attractive discounts. You can skip a month, swap styles, or cancel at any time. If you don't love the fabric, which the brand touts as being three times softer than regular cotton, you can return your pairs after a 90-day trial period. Ultimately, the commitment is minimal while the styles and options are plentiful. If you carefully consider everything from materials to colors to graphics when shopping for undergarments, then MeUndies membership is a terrific option for you.

You can still shop the brand even if you are not a member.

Here are the six best pieces in this Game of Thrones-inspired set. Please note the prices listed below are for non-members. Just click on the "Adventurous" button to find this print in each style.

1. Bikinis

Bikini bottoms are such a classic. They get a sartorial boost from the dragon pattern.

2. Boxers

Slip into the super soft and loose boxers when your plans for the day involve napping on the couch and little else.

3. Boyshorts

The boyshort suits so many purposes. You can sleep in it or wear it under a mini dress.

4. Boxer Briefs

If you prefer structure when it comes to your underwear, the boxer briefs are an excellent choice.

5. Cheeky Briefs

This is the coolest — or hottest, if you are simply considering the dragon design — pair of panties you will ever own.

6. U-Back Bra

The bra can be paired with any of the bottoms for a matchy-matchy look that is the height of cuteness.

If you sign up for membership, you can save some cash on these items. But if you simply want to grab a one-off pair of fire-breathing dragon undies, have at it. They're too adorable to pass up.