This Rosé Bubble Mask Actually Fizzes Like Your Favorite Wine

There's nothing quite like coming home after a long day and cracking open a bottle of Rosé to unwind. Now that same relaxing feeling can be brought to your beauty routine, thanks to Mia Del Mar's Brightening Rosé Bubble Mask. Your drink can fizz in your glass, and your mask can bubble on your face, making it one giant Rosé retreat.

Mia Del Mar is a Latin-led beauty brand. It's made in sunny Miami by Latinas, for Latinas. While the products aim to tackle the problems Latinx folks may experience with their complexions, everyone can join in on the brand's playful products. The natural beauty secrets passed down from grandmothers, to mothers, to daughters is what drives the brand, and Mia Del Mar incorporates these generational secrets into its beauty and skincare lines.

In late 2018, Mia Del Mar launched its beauty movement with the Overnight Miracle Glow cream, which tackled the three skincare concerns that Latinas usually face — oiliness, hyper-pigmentation, and mild acne. Now the brand is on its way with its second hit, thanks to the Rosé Bubble Mask.

"Take the edge off bad vibes and brighten up your day and skin with a generous pour of this fizzy bubble mask," the product description reads.

While you sip on your pink Rosé, pump a thin layer of the mask onto damp skin and let it bubble for five to 10 minutes. Packed with acai berry antioxidants, the mask helps combat environmental toxins, which break down your collagen and age your skin prematurely. The berries also help to even skin tone since they are full of vitamins A, B, C, and E, helping you with any slight hyper-pigmentation.

Thanks to the bubbling of the mask, there is also high levels of oxygen that penetrate deep into tissue to take out the dirt from your pores. The finishing result is a clean complexion that glows "like glitter," the brand shares.

The mask is also packed with a bevvy of other natural ingredients that help to restore your skin. Grape cell extract is full of antioxidants that help to repair damaged skin and protect against any future damage. Goji berry extract contains high levels of vitamin C, which helps to firm and tighten skin. Hydrolyzed silk is also in the mask, which helps to add moisture to the skin in order to leave it soft and smooth. Lastly, resveratrol is also in the formula, which is a natural antioxidant compound that is found in the skin of red grapes. It helps to increase collagen production, keeping your complexion healthy and elastic.

"In the same way that a glass of champagne signifies a celebration or happy moment in life, we created this effervescent mask as a celebration for skin! We wanted a formula that was not only fun to use, but also effective and beneficial for skin. We feel that we truly accomplished just that," Diana Briceno, Founder of Mia Del Mar, tells Bustle.

Mia Del Mar is cruelty-free — "tested on Señoritas, not on bunnies" — and vegan. It's also risk-free, since the brand offers free shipping and free returns on all full-size orders.

If you're a big fan of Rosé, pour yourself a bubbling glass and treat yourself to this bubbling mask. There's no better way to unwind after a long day.