Michelle Phan Is Bringing Back Em Cosmetics In A New Way

Before Jaclyn Hill, Nickie Tutorials, and Kathleen Lights, there was OG beauty blogger Michelle Phan. Forbes just released its first-ever influencers list and Phan landed at No. 2 in the beauty realm, second only to Zoella, despite admitting to Racked that she "peaced out" and traveled in 2016. Phan was the biggest, most beloved beauty vlogger and even released her own, expansive makeup line, Em Cosmetics, rather than doing the ever-popular brand x blogger collab. Em underperformed, a fact Phan acknowledges. As a beauty writer who received samples of Em when it launched, I remember the circular pans in palettes being OK but not great. It didn't blow me away and I expected to be knocked on my butt due to its awesomeness. But that's all in the past and here's what Phan has on deck.

She has resurrected Em Cosmetics but has dialed things down. What's in Michelle Phan's exhumed Em Cosmetics collection and what's new?

Em Cosmetics officially relaunches on Monday, Apr. 17. It will re-debut with only two products: Infinite Lip Clouds, which are matte lip creams that wear well and are designed to stain lips, and Illustrative Eyeliner, which are liquid pens which come with either an angled or a tapered and pointy tip. Phan told Allure she plans to issue more products. But for now, it's all about lips and lids.

The Lip Clouds are $16 per tube and come in eight shades, ranging from neutrals to reds and berries. The eyeliners are $15 a pop.

Em Cosmetics, V. 2.0, is a grown up and gorgeous version of Phan's glam.

The Infinite Lip Clouds are non-drying and they are vegan. All good things!

"I could have done the more trendy things like the highlighters and stuff," Phan told Allure. Instead, she opted for classic, saying, "But then I was like, 'No, I want to focus on the things that I wear all the time and that my viewers want to wear.'"

Bless you, Michelle Phan! It's a new er of Phan-approved beauty.