Beaded Dog Brooches Exist & Shhh, Don't Ask Questions

When it comes to fashion, nothing is off limits. Everyday objects like Flaming Hot Cheetos to tin cans have gotten a fashionable twist lately, but this one is all about man's best friend. Mignonne Gavigan created beaded dog brooches that are the definition of posh pooch. You can take your dog with you and be fashionable at all time — no pooper scooper needed.

There are a lot of off-the-wall accessories out there, but this pack of dogs proves that anything can be high fashion. Designer Mignonne Gavigan is known for extravagant beaded accessories, but the Dog Brooch Collection is just as quirky as it is cute. There are 27 different dog breeds available on the website, ranging from small little pugs and poodles to Saint Bernards and Great Danes.

Each one costs roughly the same as adopting a dog from a shelter. No matter how big or small the dog breed pin is, it will set you back a cool $125. That's not exactly the most affordable, but a small price to pay to show some high-fashion love for your pooch.

The pins are made of only different colored beads, a piece of leather, and classic pin backing. Each one is 1.5 inches square, so you can easily sneak them onto any backpack, scarf, or jacket lapel.

Dog Brooch in Sheep Dog, $125, Mignonne Gavigan

These accessories are more than just pins. They are works of art. Each one masterfully weaves different colored beads together to make for exact replicas of some of the most popular dogs. I'm talking everything from scottish terriers and golden retrievers to pomeranians and mastiffs.

Unfortunately, you cannot personalize the pins to look exactly like your dog. But these accessories are so on-point that people might think that you have. The detailing on each one is incredible. From tiny little threaded eyes to bright red tongues, Mignonne Gavigan has done quite the job.

Believe it or not, some of the designs are already sold out on the website. But don't worry if some of your favorites are already gone. You can put your email in to be alerted when the select beaded breed is back in stock. Once you see some of the best breeds, you'll see why they're selling so fast.

1. English Bulldog

Dog Brooch in English Bulldog, $125, Mignonne Gavigan

Need a way to reflect how you're feeling on Monday morning? This is the pin for you. The dog is adorable, but it's the facial expression that really sell this one.

2. Schnauzer

Dog Brooch in Schnauzer, $125, Mignonne Gavigan

If this adorable dog doesn't convince you that you need one of these pins, then maybe the bedazzled beaded collar around his neck will. Because if there's anything better than outfitting yourself with a beaded dog, it's with a beaded dog that has styles.

3. Pomeranian

Dog Brooch in Pomeranian, $125, Mignonne Gavigan

This one is for all of you redheaded lovers out there. This pomeranian might be smaller than the other dogs, but it packs just as much sparkle and class as the rest.

4. Weimaraner

Dog Brooch in Weimaraner, $125, Mignonne Gavigan

This one says, "I have class, but I'm not about to flaunt it." You know, without actually having to say anything at all.

5. St. Bernard

Dog Brooch in St. Bernard, $125, Mignonne Gavigan

Look at those whiskers. If there's anything that could convince you to spend $125 on a brooch, it's this face.

6. Pug

Dog Brooch in Pug, $125, Mignonne Gavigan

Have you ever seen a cuter pug? I think not.

7. Franklin

Dog Brooch in Franklin, $125, Mignonne Gavigan

Yes, there's even one cat pin available in the collection as well. The best of both worlds.

If ever there were a time to splurge, this is it.