Mike Huckabee Tried To Drag Taylor Swift & Twitter Hit Back With Some Simple Math

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Almost as soon as a certain music artist posted what is widely believed to be her first public political opinion, fans and political analysts alike began debating what its impact might be. That included Mike Huckabee, who responded to Taylor Swift's Instagram post with a tweet, and who was promptly eviscerated by the pop star's fans — as well as some of their parents.

"So @taylorswift13 has every right to be political but it won’t impact election unless we allow 13 yr old girls to vote," Huckabee tweeted on Monday. "Still with #MarshaBlackburn."

Huckabee's tweet seemed to ignore two truths about Swift and her fans. For one, many were 13-years-old when she first broke into the mainstream, meaning that they are certainly of voting age now. And second, the five-year gap between 13 and 18 is shorter than two presidential terms. In other words, those young teens will be old enough to vote sooner than you think.

Swift is known for having a particularly loyal — and online — fan base, and many of those fans were quick to push back against Huckabee's assertions. Many were quick to point out how old, exactly, many of Swift's fans already are. Others focused on precisely just how vast her influence is in today's culture. Above all else, the responses reiterated that one does not patronize Swift's fans without expecting a reply.

She'll Be Voting Soon

Some of Swift's fans are young, but they won't be for long.

When You're 15

There's only three years left until you're old enough to vote.

Consider The Parents

Writer Alana Massey pointed out that children don't exist in vacuums.

Her Fanbase Has Only Grown

Swift has a massive influence on her fans, and there are tens upon tens of thousands of them.

Who Was His Audience?

One user suggested that Huckabee's tweet may not have landed so well with part of its intended audience.

"The Condescension"

One writer seemed fed up with his tone.


Some were quick to point out how wide Swift's audience is.

A Bit Naive

Pigeonholing Swift's fan base to a single age didn't sit very well.

Some Will Vote In The Next Election

The fact is that more of Swift's fans are turning 18 every single year.

She's Already Influential

Reports have indicated that thousands of people registered to vote in the day after her Instagram post.

Kids With Concert Tickets

... Usually have some help obtaining them.

Simple Math

A little bit of math suggests how old many of Swift's fans might be.

A Dozen Years Ago

Twelve years ago, Swift released her first album.

"All You Are Is Mean"

Calling all lyrical puns.

One Month To Midterms

Political messaging this time of the election cycle may carry a lot of weight.

A Bit Out Of Touch?

One user questioned how "with it" Huckabee is, particularly when it comes to pop culture.

By and large, a lot of the responses echoed similar ideas. And the main idea seemed to be that Taylor Swift's audience is much, much wider than any stereotype might make you believe.