Miley Cyrus' Performance Dress At The 2018 Grammys Has Twitter Freaking Out

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Every so often, there's a moment in an awards show that really, really sticks with you. Rarely are there more than one of these moments in a single award show. For me, Miley Cyrus' amazing gown for her 2018 Grammys Awards performance was the second time in the show I had audibly gasped. The first time was Kesha's amazing performance (in which she was joined on stage by a variety of amazing women, including Cyndi Lauper, Audra Day, and others), which admittedly was more of a low, guttural sob than anything else. But I digress. The bottom line is that the 2018 Grammys left me with a lot to think about — and Miley Cyrus' duet with Elton John was just one of the most beautiful moments of the night. But, boy, was it beautiful.

Wearing a deep magenta gown, Cyrus walked on the stage to applause from the whole stadium. And can you blame them? The off-the-shoulder ballgown, which seemed to be made of about a thousand layers of glorious, glorious tulle was quite literally fit for royalty. Cyrus' deeply side-parted, waved blonde hair and minimal makeup was understated compared to the gown, and it all worked flawlessly together. Everyone knows that Cyrus has been through a few different style stages over the years and — let's face it, we all do. Through metallic, barely-there jumpsuits and nude bodysuits, Cyrus has experimented with fashion on the red carpet both and the Grammys and beyond.

This ballgown moment at the 2018 Grammy Awards felt so natural for the singer, though. Who knows if Cyrus will keep changing up her look or if this more subdued look is here to stay? The jaw-dropping gorgeousness of this moment is what should be celebrated here, not the fact that it seems more "put-together" than past styles from the singer. Cyrus should be allowed to experiment with fashion however she likes, of course. And if that experimenting includes a drop-dead stunning tulle gown, well, I'm not complaining.

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The gown, likely a Zac Posen design given it's silhouette (and the fact that the designer is in the background of the above photo helping with the dress' train) is simply breathtaking. It looks like it was made for the "Wrecking Ball" singer — and, let's face it, it probably was.

Am I the only one who could see a white version of this as Meghan Markle's royal wedding gown? It's like something out of a fairy tale, after all, so it only makes sense for such an occasion.

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The gown's undertones of both red and pink give it a glowing type of effect, which just makes it even more magical. And Twitter is pretty much flipping out over the whole look.

Breathtakingly beautiful is right!

One user tweeted, "Idk about you guys, but watching Miley Cyrus come out in that gorgeous gown was the same feeling a mother would get, looking at her own daughter try on her first wedding dress." Honestly, it's possible I have never related more to a tweet myself. And the rest of Twitter seems to be on the same page.

Me! I gasped.

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Stunning, stunning, stunning. Some Twitter users even want to borrow the dress for prom.

It's not clear yet whether the dress is available for purchase, but some people are already looking to find out how to snag the Zac Posen look for themselves.

Whether this more classic version of Cyrus' style will stick around isn't important, when it comes down to it. The singer can pull off anything she wants to, and what she wears is really none of our business. All I know is that I'm excited to see what comes next in any case.