Miley Cyrus Recreated One Of Her Music Videos… In Jimmy Kimmel’s Bedroom... And He Was Asleep

Grab your trucker hats — Punk'd is back. Just kidding. Although, this now-recurring segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live! is totally reminiscent of Ashton Kutcher's early-2000s show. On May 21, viewers were blessed with a previously-recorded clip of Miley Cyrus pranking Jimmy Kimmel, and the whole thing was a spoof of one of Cyrus' very own music videos.

Kimmel's wife, Molly McNearney, was one of the masterminds behind this — and two previous — Punk'd style surprises, according to the host, and this time she teamed up with Cyrus for some late-night antics. All of this went down at 1:07 a.m., the video informs us, at which time Cyrus was getting prepared for the prank outside Kimmel's house.

When we first see the singer, she's wrapped up in a robe, wearing a hard hat, and surrounded by a slew of men wearing neon yellow vests and matching hard hats of their own. Cyrus walks up to the front door, gives Kimmel's wife a hug, and takes off her robe to reveal that she, too, is wearing a neon construction worker-esque vest... and that she brought along a big ol' sledgehammer. Know where this is going yet?

Before tip-toeing into Kimmel's bedroom, Cyrus looks directly into the camera and whispers, "I'm coming in like a wrecking ball, just for you Jimmy!" Ah, yes. There it is. That's the one.

What happens next is an actual waking nightmare for Kimmel, who's abruptly stirred from his slumber by a hammer-wielding Cyrus, and someone who appears to be outfitted in several strands of obnoxiously-blinking, multi-colored, very bright lights. "Wakey, wakey!" Cyrus says. "Guess who it is, Jimmy? Good morning!"

The pop star then proceeds to jump on Kimmel's bed, and delivers repeated blows around the host with her toy (I think?) sledgehammer while singing lines from "Wrecking Ball," which is also blaring through a boombox. It is a scene, y'all. It's also kind of uncomfortable to watch, though, because poor Jimmy Kimmel is just laying there shirtless, half under the covers, squinting through the floodlight from the camera like, "Is this really happening? If so, when is this going to be over?"

Comic relief soon ensues, and it comes in the form of a human in a wrecking ball costume, which is actually pretty hilarious in-and-of itself. The wrecking ball also hops up on Kimmel's bed, and just kind of bounces around with Cyrus, who — by the way — ends up hitting Kimmel with the hammer in the groin, thus evoking a reaction that indicates that, if the sledgehammer even is a toy, it's not that soft of one.

What makes the whole thing even more painful — literally and figuratively — is that poor Jimmy Kimmel is so used to this kind of thing happening now, that he just walked right on downstairs afterwards and stood there talking to Cyrus in a daze with his mouthguard still in. On camera. Because this is business as usual, apparently.

The first time Kimmel got a late-night celebrity visit was on April Fool's Day in 2015, when he was woken up by Rihanna and her girl gang to the tune of "Bitch Better Have My Money." In 2016, it was Britney Spears' turn, and she brought a bunch of shirtless male dancers, who straddled and serenaded a sleeping Kimmel to her slinky track "Make Me."

Honestly, though, Kimmel can't be that mad about the pranks. After all, we're talking about three of the biggest pop stars in the world here, and now they've all been in — OK, on — his bed. Jumping, singing, and prodding at him on his bed, but still. Could be worse.