Millie Bobby Brown & Emma Watson Meeting Is The Best

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Millie Bobby Brown and Emma Watson made history at the MTV Movie & TV Awards on Sunday. Both stars accepted the award show's first gender neutral-acting awards; Watson for Best Actor in a Movie for her role as Belle in Beauty and the Beast and Brown for Best Actor in A Show for her fan-favorite portrayal of Eleven in Stranger Things. Brown and Watson also met at the MTV Awards, and they both seemed equally starstruck. While fans see both actors as enormous inspirations, it's clear that the two stars have nothing but respect for each other, too.

The two met later in the evening, after the awards were given out and they delivered their respective speeches. Watson delivered a powerful commentary on the importance of the gender-neutral acting category, and Brown thanked the Stranger Things showrunners for creating such an iconic female character. As intelligent, politically active women, these two have both been committed to using their star power for the greater good. It's no wonder that Brown, who is a few years younger and newer to the acting world, might look up to a star like Watson.

When Watson got her first role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series, she, too, was very young. Since the films, she's managed to cultivate a meaningful acting career and use her celebrity to bring attention to women's issues around the world. It seems likely that Brown, who already seems to understand the power her platform can have and whose acting abilities are well beyond her years, will follow in Watson's footsteps. When the two stars met, though, both seemed to be having a major geek-out moment.

So, what exactly happens when Eleven and Belle meet? Lots of smiling, it turns out. Brown approached Watson's table, and I can only assume they congratulated each other on winning in their film and television categories, and then quickly drew up a plot for further world domination.

While the two stars chatted, Logan star Hugh Jackman played the role of all of us, looking awe of these two acting titans meeting in front of him. Both actors seemed a bit stunned to be meeting each other, and it was definitely a celeb encounter they will both remember.

With Watson continuing to take on challenging, meaningful roles, and as Brown's reign as Eleven is only the beginning of her career, something tells me this isn't the last time these stars will run into each other at a major awards show.