Millie Bobby Brown's 'Stranger Things' Season 1 Rap Lyrics Are The Only Recap That You'll Ever Need — VIDEO


Whether they're your best friend, lover, or aunt, one thing's for sure: you don't want them interrupting your marathon with basic questions, even if they did make the popcorn. So, thank goddess for Millie Bobby Brown rapping a Stranger Things Season 1 recap. Jimmy Fallon revealed that, since the 13-year-old can pull off a pretty competent impression of Nicki Minaj when rapping, it was time for her to employ her hidden superpower one more time with feeling. Despite the presenter citing Nicki The Ninja, it was easy to jump to conclusions and to assume from the British accent that the actor's rap would be closer in style to that popular on her native island — grime. Nope. The rap was as American as apple pie.

So how effective was her rap as a two minute guide to the whole of the first season? Let's break it down bit by bit. Sure, the Calvin Klein model may manage to cover a lot of the important info at roughly the same speed as Dart hightailing it after some nougat, but there's definitely some moments in the rap which require extra explanation. And there are quite a few things that she may have left out.

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Part One

What's missing: Will doesn't just happen to go missing, nor is he kidnapped by a nefarious person; the tale establishes its supernatural stylings straight off the bat when, in the first episode, a monster that later gets referred to as a Demogorgon, takes him to an alternate dimension, The Upside Down. Similarly, Eleven's hairless state doesn't connect to her ill health. She possesses psychokinetic abilities and has been being held against her will in a lab by the sinister scientist Dr. Brenner, who has been performing a series of grueling tests on her up until her escape.

Part Two

What's missing: Well, if your friend/lover/pet is coming in to this series with no knowledge whatsoever, you'll need to spell out some details. Joyce is Will's mom, and, when she finds out that her son can communicate with her through lights, she strings up Christmas lights with a bulb positioned over each letter of the alphabet. Barb is Mike's sister Nancy's best friend, and after cutting her hand and dropping blood, she gets snatched into the Upside Down by a Demogorgon (attracted by her blood) while sitting by a swimming pool alone at a group hang. Sadly, she dies. Hopper is the chief of police, and while looking for Will, he starts delving into what's going on at Hawkins Laboratory, discovering that they've been conducting mind control experiments on human subjects as part of Project MKUltra.

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Part 3

What's missing: Despite the reference to the "tank" and exploding the Demogorgon in the previous part, a casual viewer might need more knowledge about how the gang finally get Will back and get rid of the Demogorgon. Joyce, Officer Hopper and all of the other main, good characters (Mike and his friendship group, Jonathan and Nancy, Eleven) all head to the school and build a pretty competent replica of the sensory deprivation tank that activated Eleven's powers in the lab. Using this, Eleven is able to access the Upside Down and locate Will. Hopper and Joyce enter the Upside Down through the Hawkins lab and retrieve Joyce's son. After Dr. Brenner and his armed associates head to the school to recapture Eleven, she kills them (or at least seems to kill Brenner, this is never confirmed) and the scent of their blood attracts the Demogorgon, who Eleven kills with her supernatural abilities.

Brown's recap, given its brevity, is every bit as impressive as Eleven's supernatural powers. But it may need a little context. Forward this article to anyone you know who needs the bare outline sketched by the star here coloring in a little.