Fans Are Here For Miss DC's Natural Curls

Straight hair, don't care. Literally. Miss Washington, D.C. Kára McCullough wore her hair naturally curly for the Miss USA 2017 pageant. She stood out not only because she is preternaturally gorgeous and because she is a scientist, but because most of her fellow contestants were rocking silky smooth blowouts. Anyone who watches pageants such as Miss USA, Miss Universe, and Miss America regularly, like I do, knows that the coifs du jour at these events are pin straight blowouts or big, barrel curls created by curling irons and other heat-styling tools.

There's no doubt that those blowouts are stunning too, but still — McCullough's dark, spiral curls were a welcome change of follicular pace. And she absolutely owned it.

McCullough admitted in interview with Refinery 29 that she was initially concerned about the reaction she would get for opting to go with her naturally curly hair as is, saying, "I didn't know if people were going to accept it...if anyone was going to be receptive to it at all."

Well, pageant viewers were completely and totally receptive to and accepting of her choice. Fans were here for it, as the reactions on Twitter proved to be overwhelmingly positive.

Regardless, McCullough's choice to go with her natural strands was the right one. It shows women that being true to yourself and your looks as they are is always the best way to be.

She is a straight up stunner, right? Here's how the Twitterverse felt about her curly coif.


Fans are so supporting her decision.

She spoke about Annie Malone — Madam C.J. Walker's mentor and McCullough's science role model — during her speech.

A lot of the digital reactions were about her hair.

But not all of them focused on the follicles.

There you have it! Twitter went crazy over McCullough, her curls, and her general awesomeness.

UPDATE: McCullough's hair was styled by CHI Haircare's Albert Luiz for the Miss USA telecast.