This Model Is On A Mission To Remind The Beauty Industry That "Black Girls Exist"

Part of what makes social media so special is the fact that we're able to gain access to stories and images that we would have never seen — or be inspired by — otherwise. Without Instagram, for example, you would probably never stumble across the inspiring message of Abbey Mag, a 22-year-old South Sudanese Australian who is using her platform to share important messages about self-love and body positivity.

Mag works as a medical receptionist and goes to university in Melbourne, Australia, but her reach on social media is global. She promotes self-care, embracing who you are, and encourages her followers to not let societal pressure influence the way they think about themselves. In addition to sharing beautiful photographs and words on plus-size fashion, Mag frequently talks about the importance of recognizing women of color — particularly those with dark skin — across the beauty and fashion industries.

"I feel like I'm always speaking about this," Mag writes in an Instagram post, "But it's something that is important to me. The lack of representation for dark skin girls and women is damaging. I don't know about everyone else, but it's extremely disappointing and discouraging walking in a beauty store and not be able to see any foundation that matches your skin tone...Dear beauty industry, we black girls exist, we black girls also like makeup and this world isn't just made up of #50shadesofpale."

Below, Mag shares her thoughts on plus-size representation in fashion, and why it's so important for her to reach young people and give them the inspiration and comfort that she used to have a hard time finding.