This Chic Purse Is Actually A Secret Lunch Box Designed For Professional Women

If you have ever ruined your workday outfit by throwing your lunch into a plastic bag while rushing out the door, then you know the struggle is real when looking for a lunchbox. But thanks to Modern Picnic’s Luncher, you now have a stylish way to bring your cheese sandwiches and apple slices to work.

Modern Picnic's lunchboxes aren't your standard bulky lunchers. Rather than just focusing on utility, these bags look like real purses. This allows you to carry your snacks incognito, and the cases won't detract from your fabulous outfit.

Modern Picnic’s Luncher is made from eco-friendly vegan leather and comes in a range of different colors. The 11 different color options allow you to coordinate which purse fits best with your own closet, ensuring the lunchbox will enhance your work looks.

While the Luncher might look like a chic handbag on the outside, it acts like a functioning lunch box on the inside. The bag has an insulated interior, protecting the bag from any accidental spills. It also has elastic silverware slots, helping you maximize on organization. It's also roomy enough that you can fit your phone and keys in there too, letting you to carry all of your essentials in one spot.

The idea for the Luncher was whipped together by Ali Kaminetsky, who was tired of bringing an ugly bag with her to work day in and day out. "When I graduated from college in 2016 I moved into NYC to start my job in retail. I would bring my lunch to work everyday because doing so was so much faster, cheaper and healthier. However I quickly realized that I did not have a chic or functional way to do so. I was resorting to carrying my lunch in paper, plastic or old shopping bags which was not only not chic, but not sustainable or functional either," Kaminetsky shares with Bustle. "And when I googled lunchboxes, I saw tons of options for little kids, and tons of options for men, but nothing for woman who wanted to both look and feel their best. From there, my company Modern Picnic was born."

Another plus to the Luncher is that you will cut back on your daily carbon footprint, especially if you usually use plastic or brown paper bags each day to bring your snacks.

There are a variety of different lunch boxes you can choose from. There are options with vegan leather handles, or beachy bamboo handles. There are color blocked ones, and ones with a neutral color palette. There are a few colorful ones too, coming in mustard or olive green.

While the lunch box is Modern Picnic's claim to fame, the brand also has something called a Snacker. Coming in a compact wallet shape, the tiny bag is insulated and is designed to capture your smaller food items. If you love to have snacks in your purse, then having this wallet will keep all your food in one spot, and not have it rolling around inside of your tote.

If you ever had a bomb outfit and then you had to ruin it with a chunky Target lunchbox, then Modern Picnic will make sure that will never happen again. Pack your food in style, and head off to the office looking fashion-forward.