This Is How Many People Are Swiping On Their Work Phones

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It's no big secret that people are using their work phone for more than just work, but I was surprised to see just how many people are trying to find love on the company dime. Wandera, an enterprise mobile security and data management provider, looked at over 100,000 devices to find out just how we're using dating apps on our work devices. And it turns out, just because you have a company phone, that's not going to stop you from swiping.

And there's a lot of swiping — in fact, at least one of the top 10 dating apps is present on 1.8 percent of corporate phones, and dating app usage has grown by 69 percent in the past 12 months on work devices. Why would you be doing it on your work phone? Well, it shows an interesting twist in work phone use. "It cements the idea that the line between business and personal mobile use is becoming increasingly blurred as employees continue to treat work phones as if they were their own," Joel Windels, VP marketing at Wandera, tells Bustle.

It's sort of depressing, because it means people are on their work phones all the time, but at least they're getting some play on there too, right? The data gives a lot of insight into the time and effort we spend trying to find love— even when we're on our work's phones (and data plans).

Here's what they found:

The Most Popular Time Overall Is Around 11 a.m.

11:23 a.m., to be precise. I guess it's the perfect time for a coffee break. Interestingly, certain apps peak at certain times— 11:55 p.m. for Grindr, Match users peak at 5:20 p.m., and Tinder folks were busy swiping at 7:01 p.m..

Dating App Use Is On The Rise

Could it GET anymore popular? Yup. Turns out there's been a 69 percent increase in using dating apps on work devices in the past 12 months.

There's A Pre-Valentine's Day Surge

This is really interesting and yet, kind of not surprising at all. Twenty-six percent more people used apps in the three weeks leading up to Valentine's Day than they did in any other three week period. So Valentine's Day seems to get people thinking — and moving.

Bumble Might Be Eating All Your Data

...but really your company's data. Bumble had an average use of 18.36 MB per day. The next highest was Tinder with 6.08 MB, which is a massive drop, and then Grindr takes the third spot with 4.97 MB.

The Most Popular Apps

Match is America’s top dating app on work phones, while Tinder is the dating app of choice in the UK.

We Log On For Just Under 8 Minutes On Average

But we're doing this five or six times a week. That's 47 minutes using dating apps on a work phone every week. Also, I think eight minutes is a pretty long session. That's time for plenty of swiping and a few messages, so these people must be making some real groundwork on their work phones.

It's easy for an online dating to be an obsession. But if you're doing it on your work phone, things can get complicated — so be careful.