Morphe's Solid Makeup Brush Cleansers Are Here & They Are Great

Stop what you're doing, because Morphe is at it again. After just launching multiple new eyeshadow palettes, they're switching gears a little bit. According to their website, Morphe created solid brush cleaners that are everything your makeup bag has been missing. Not only are the Bristle Shampoos great for on-the-go cleaning, but they're made with some awesome ingredients too. This is one launch that you won't want to miss.

With Morphe being one of the top makeup brush brands in the beauty game, it only makes sense that a brush cleaner would be on their list of to-make items. I never thought it would be this incredible though. Instead of opting for a big bottle of bristle wash, they went with a solid cleanser that, according to their website, works for both brushes and sponges. Considering that Morphe sells both of those beauty tools, this makes complete sense.

You get three choices when it comes to the solid cleanser. There's Cocoa Butter, Cotton Blossom, and Honey Lavender scents. All of them popped up by surprise on the Morphe website and are currently available for $8.99. They all use coconut oil and shea butter to make sure that you cleaning but not harming your makeup brushes.

Honey Lavendar Bristle Shampoo, $9, Morphe Brushes

According to the website, Morphe's Bristle Shampoo was created with on-the-go makeup artists in mind. Of course, it works for everyone else too. All you have to do is wet your brush, swirl it in the shampoo, and rinse it off. I haven't tried it, but it sounds pretty darn easy to use.

Cocoa Butter Bristle Shampoo, $9, Morphe Brushes

It's not exactly the deepest clean for your brushes, but it's definitely a great way to keep your brush clean day to day. Morphe is constantly sneaking new products onto their website, and this is one of the best yet. This might not be a limited edition item, but that doesn't mean that you should wait to shop.

Cotton Blossom Bristle Shampoo, $9, Morphe Brushes

If there was ever a brand to trust with a makeup brush shampoo, it's Morphe. They have tons of different brushes, and, thankfully, this works for all different types. From the ingredients to the easy to use steps, I'm willing to bet that this is incredible.