Mosevic Denim Sunglasses So Need To Be A Part Of Your Summer Sunglasses Wardrobe

Courtesy of Mosevic Eyewear

You can have many wardrobes in your life, instead of simply one that encompasses all of your clothes. You can have a lipstick wardrobe, a mascara wardrobe, a handbag wardrobe, and a sunglasses wardrobe. Mosevic's denim sunglasses are perfect for those of you who are looking to expand your shades collection for summer and want something different from the usual oversized, plastic frames. Your shades can match your cutoff jean shorts on those stiflingly hot, sun-drenched, and extra long summer days.

These shades are also good for the environment because the UK-based brand crafts them from recycled denim in its "Worn" collection. Mosevic also teamed up with Wrangler jeans to repurpose redundant fabric into a sunglasses collection! I love that denim is getting a second chance in sunglasses form. So you can feel as good as you look when wearing sunnies, which are generally $130 a pair in USD.

The Mosevic denim sunglasses come in a bunch of different washes and are also manufactured in small batches, so they are assembled with love and care.

The denim isn't just material that "dresses" or wraps the frames, either. The fabric is a functional part of the design, since it is set in resin and thereby creates a solid material that looks sharp, is comfy to wear, behaves like plastic and is built to last.

The silhouettes are a new chic standard in denim!

The brand took six years to develop its process, so these denim frames aren't a here today, gone tomorrow trend.

Look at that detail! Denim, be it jackets, jeans, or skirts, never goes out of style, and is super versatile, since it can be worn with anything from leather to cotton.

You could even wear a pair of denim shades with a Canadian tux!

So, yeah, a pair of denim shades will remain a classic staple of your wardrobe that you can wear for years to come!

As a nyctophile who who views being able to wear sunglasses for a longer period of time as the biggest (and perhaps only) perk of Daylight Savings Time, I cannot wait to rock a pair of Mosevics.

Are you already envisioning what outfits to pair this pair with?