This Former Bachelorette Is Going From Roses To Heartbreaks In MTV's New Reality Show

Being ghosted by someone is never a fun experience. In fact, it can make you feel downright awful and confused. Why isn't this person texting me back? Where did it all go so wrong? These are just some of the questions that start running through your mind, and it's those questions that MTV's new reality series Ghosted: Love Gone Missing hopes to answer. Hosted by former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay and recording artist Travis Mills, the eight-episode docuseries will premiere on Sept. 10 and follow various individuals (both the ghosted and the ghost) as they attempt to confront each other about what led to their radio silence. (Think of it like Catfish, but with a Bachelorette spin.)

However, you don't necessarily need to be romantically linked to someone to get ghosted. Cutting off communication with someone without providing an explanation can happen in any type of relationship, including friendships and family. The series will aim to explore all facets of this phenomena and show how the world of social media has both improved and diminished our ability to communicate and connect with other people.

Along with the announcement of the series itself, the network also provided a first look at the upcoming project with a special teaser clip of Ghosted: Love Gone Missing to help give viewers a better idea of what the first season has in store.

Those familiar with the Bachelor franchise are already well acquainted with Rachel, who first appeared as a contestant during Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor and later served as the first African-American Bachelorette in the show's history. She is currently engaged to her Bachelorette winner Bryan Abasolo and the two of them are expected to tie the knot at some point this year.

“Honestly, I wanted [to get married in] the first half of the year, but it just depends on the venue,” Rachel told Us Weekly in an interview. “The venue we’re gonna go with … the better time is the end of the summer.”

Jason Davis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Meanwhile, Rachel's Ghosted costar, Mills, is best known for hosting his very own radio show, Travis Mills Live, and podcast ADHD with Travis Mills. He typically prefers to perform under his stage name T. Mills, though he's also nabbed a handful of acting credits and has appeared on popular TV shows, such as NBC's hit series Good Girls, the Netflix show Flaked, and Freeform's Alone Together. Needless to say, he's already proven to be a pro at small screen projects, so it'll be interesting to see what he'll bring to the table and how his dynamic with Rachel will play out.

Either way, this endeavor should prove to be intriguing to see what all fo these respective "ghosts" have to say for themselves as to why they suddenly stopped all forms of communication with their ghosted victims out of the blue. Hopefully it will allow for some sense of closure for both parties and help the world gain a little more insight into why this happens at all.