You'll Be Able To Meet Your 'Jersey Shore' Faves At MTV's New RealityCon Really Soon

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It looks like reality television is finally about to receive the love and attention it so rightfully deserves. On Tuesday, MTV announced its plan to host a RealityCon, an event that will allow various stars, producers, and creators from all of your favorite reality-based franchises to come together and honor the projects that made them all famous in the first place. This will include popular MTV hit shows, such as The Hills, Jersey Shore, The Real World, and many more.

As of right now, RealityCon is scheduled to take place in the summer of 2020 with a soft launch happening sometime this fall. According to a press release, as stated by The Hollywood Reporter, the Con plans to feature "fan activations, performances, interviews and roundtable discussions exploring the genre's impact on society, representation of diversity in media and influence on entertainment, among other topics."

However, if you're thinking this event will strictly be centered around MTV shows, think again! Another exciting aspect of RealityCon is that it will extend out to other networks that too have an impressive list of reality shows at its disposal. That means prominent figures in shows like Big Brother, The Bachelor, RuPaul's Drag Race, Survivor, Mob Wives, Duck Dynasty, Love & Hip Hop, and The Real Housewives are also invited to participate in this lavish affair. In other words, it's a reality fan's dream come true.

The reality TV genre continues to lead the way in showing audiences diversity across gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic backgrounds and perspective,” the official press release announcing RealityCon reads, as per Forbes, adding:

“The genre has evolved from a social experiment to a massively influential pop art medium—you can map culture through its stories and define generations by their favorite series. From the first openly gay man with HIV on TV to the first self-made female billionaire, reality TV series have consistently broken new ground.”

And it's true. The popularly of reality TV knowns no bounds. In fact, The Bachelor season finale beat This Is Us in the ratings department this year, according to The Wrap. And, of course, the Kardashians have been proving for years just how lucrative the reality industry can be. (Keeping Up With The Kardashians is currently in the middle of airing its sixteenth season, believe it or not.) People can't get enough of the over-the-top drama and it's gone to make many reality stars extremely famous in the eyes of fans. So you better believe getting the opportunity to see some of these people in person would be a very exciting prospect for many avid reality TV watchers out there.

At this point in time, no location or venue for RealityCon has been announced, but is expected to be revealed at a later date. So if MTV and Bravo shows are your bread and butter, get ready for what is sure to be the greatest reality TV event of all time. It now pretty much goes without saying that 2020 cannot get here soon enough.