EXCLUSIVE: Blogger Nadia Aboulhosn Just Released Thigh-High Boots That Actually Fit Thick Legs

Courtesy Fashion To Figure

For most plus size people, searching for the perfect pair of shoes can seem like a breeze compared to shopping for clothing. It's one of the few opportunities to walk into a store and instantly find your size. There's one exception to this, though: Boots. Thigh-high boots for plus size shoppers are hard to find — just ask blogger Nadia Aboulhosn. Her new collection with Fashion To Figure includes everything from sunglasses to shoes, but size inclusive thigh-high boots specifically designed with bigger bodies in mind was highest on her must-have list when creating the collection.

"We knew that we wanted to do thigh-high boots because it was such a void that needed to be filled in the industry. We spent months [on] the design and making sure the fit was perfect," Aboulhosn tells Bustle.

Aboulhosn, who has collaborated with brands like Boohoo and Addition Elle in the past on size inclusive clothing lines, says she has always personally struggled with finding over-the-knee boots that actually worked with her body.

"Every time I tried to find a pair of thigh-high boots, they never fit my thick legs," Aboulhosn says, noting that she'd frequently get questions and comments from her followers about them having the same exact issue. "I knew this collection was needed."

What's more, Aboulhosn says she wanted to make very sure that the boots were something that people could wear with any type of outfit, saying, "I wanted the thigh-highs to be essentials."

Courtesy Fashion To Figure

The boots, which are available in 7W to 12W, are far from the only piece in the collection that Aboulhosn thought long and hard about before creating, though. One of her favorite items in the line (other than the boots, of course) is a pair of faux-crocodile heels with an ankle strap.

"In the beginning of my career, I would constantly read magazines and publications that said things like, 'Plus size women should avoid ankle-strap heels as it cuts off the length of your leg," Aboulhosn says. "I wanted to do just the opposite of that."

Courtesy Fashion To Figure

And being size inclusive isn't the only way this collection breaks the mold. It's also affordable, with pieces ranging in price from $10.95 to $129. When you consider that some thigh-high boots can be sold for hundreds or even thousands of dollars, it makes these boots feel even more accessible to shoppers who couldn't find over-the-knee boots that fit them or their budget before.

Creating heels and boots that fill gaps in the market and provide plus size women with options they didn't have before was always a goal of Aboulhosn's when it came to the Fashion To Figure collaboration. But product details aside, the blogger also knew exactly how she wanted all the pieces to make people feel when they wear them.

"When I first thought of this collection, my design philosophy was that it's all about letting everyone know that they're that bitch," Aboulhosn says, noting that although she wants people to feel their best with or without this collection, she hopes what she has created with Fashion To Figure only helps. "I do hope this collection and the campaign visuals really make everyone feel confident and fearless."