Nailing The Perfect Gift For Every Type Of Coworker

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When you think about it, the majority of your time is probably spent at work. Your office becomes your home away from home and your coworkers become your family — so when the holidays come calling, you want to gift them a little something special.

You could easily pick up a gift card to the coffee shop around the corner from your office, but let's be real — that's kind of a cop out. Instead, treat them to something you know they'll actually use, whether it's something they can keep at work or a gift that'll become a part of their daily routine at home.

Looking for the perfect gift for your work wife? Or maybe a little trinket for your seat neighbor to say thanks for all the times your junk made it over to their desk? In collaboration with Nordstrom Rack, we've found something for each of your coworkers — from the one who's always complaining about how cold the office is to the coworker who's always running out 20 minutes early to make their spin class.

The Coworker Who's Always Traveling

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Weekender bag; travel kit; belt bag; passport case; toiletry set

There a chance you haven't seen your co-worker in a week. Sometimes you even think, "Wait, do they still even work here?" Yes, they do — they're just off on another fabulous vacation you can't wait to hear about. While they bring you back a keepsake from their trip, think about gifts like a handy passport case or a cute weekender tote that'll make their travels that much easier.

The Coworker Who's Always Cold

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Socks; blanket; slippers; scarf; candle

We know, we know — the office is always freezing. While you may not be able to control the thermostat for them, you can get them a cute sweater or a cozy throw to keep at their desk. If you want to go above and beyond, get them a warm staple (like lined slippers) they can keep at work or at home.

The Coworker Who Always Gets Ready At Her Desk

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Crossbody bag; facial mist; perfume rollerball; shadow palette; liquid lipstick set

Who needs to go home to get ready before happy hour? This coworker has everything she needs at her desk for the quickest day-to-night transition you've ever seen. Help her maintain her at-work wardrobe and beauty collection with shadow palettes, a collection of mini-lipsticks that'll help her switch up her look, or even a cute crossbody bag so she can take her essentials to-go (and leave her laptop behind).

The Coworker Who's Always Taking A Fitness Class

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Sports bra; smart watch; water bottle; facial mist; gym bag

Spin class, kickboxing, dance lessons, barre, pilates — your coworker has tried them all. As you admire her dedication to fitness, gift her a little something that'll move with her while she works up a sweat. Whether it's actual workout gear or a toiletry set that'll help her freshen up post-workout, you'll know that you've given her something she can actually use.

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