These Menstrual Pads Claim To Ease Period Pain & Here's Everything You Need To Know

by Kyli Rodriguez-Cayro

One of the most frustrating aspects of dealing with your period can be cramps, and finding a product you like to deal with it. While some people rely on over-the-counter pain medications like ibuprofen to deal with period pain, these kinds of medications can cause health problems in the long run if you take them regularly — some reported effects include liver damage or high blood pressure. Because of these potential adverse side effects, many people have turned to finding natural remedies and products to cope with period pain. The newest period product to hit the shelves that claims to help with period pain is as simple as you can imagine: Nannocare menstrual pads claim to alleviate period cramping, and it sounds almost too good to be true.

The period product, aptly named NannoPads, was launched on Apr. 10 after reportedly being in development for over six years. According a press release, the company utilized “Nannogenic technology” to create their supposedly pain-busting menstrual pads, with the goal of providing people with a natural way to manage period pain, rather than using over-the-counter medications.

“NannoPad contains Nannogenic technology which is engineered using natural fibers containing organically occurring earth elements broken into nanno particles,” Nannocare explained in the press release. “These nanno particles naturally, and safely work with your body to emit a needed amount of molecular vibrational energy into the body, which may increase blood flow.” More simply put, the product claims to increase microcirculation (aka, blood flow in your body’s smallest blood vessels), which in turn could reduce painful, menstrual cramping. It was not immediately clear what "organically occurring earth elements" the "nanno particles" (not to be confused with "nanoparticles," where "nano" simply refers to the size of a particle) are made from, though the product is made with organic cotton and other all-natural materials.

It’s important to note that “molecular vibrational energy” is not a scientific concept backed up by a large body of research, especially as it pertains to muscle cramping. A study conducted by Nannocare found that 75 percent of women between the ages of 19 and 51 who tried NannoPads reported the product was effective at relieving menstrual cramps.

One reviewer of the product wrote, “I felt the [NannoPad] not only kept me dry and did not cause leakage, but most importantly, they helped with my cramps. I definitely felt as a result of using the pads, my cramps were more manageable [...] I felt a lot less pain and was able to do normal activities without having to worry about the pain being so bad.” Moreover, another person who reviewed the product said, “I think the pads did help the [menstrual] cramping some. It was almost cut in half. I did experience cramping, but it was not as bad as before the pads.”

In addition to being formulated with the intention of easing menstrual cramps, NannoPads are made with soft, 100 percent organic cotton to help you avoid rashes, itching, or scratchiness. On top of that, the period product is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and absorbent. If you’re not a fan of menstrual pads, Nannocare also released pantyliners using the same "Nannogenic technology". Or, if you need a little extra protection, Nannocare designed a larger menstrual pad that's good for heavy flow days and nighttime use. A box of regular pads goes for $12 on Nannocare's website, and you can also get it as a subscription.

While the science behind the NannoPad needs a little more scrutiny, if it's something that makes your cramps feel better, hey, do you. There’s no guarantee that the NannoPad will work for you when it comes to period pain, but one thing's for sure: it's definitely a creative innovation on the period product market.